Thursday, 9 October 2014

Back Home with a Bump!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, last night I think we all slept very well, we were all so tired that it would have taken six 'Fireworks Nights' to wake us and even then it may be touch and go!

The Missus has been wearing out the washing machine today, it has been going non stop all day and the place looks like a Chinese Laundry with stuff hanging up all over the house!

The rain has been on and off all day and we keep hearing howls of despair every time TM notices the rain drops on the window!

Old Two Legs has been working his way down a big pile of paperwork and has been mumbling to himself all day!

We went out this morning and it was just after sunrise. Not as dramatic as we have seen on t'Moors, but it sort of had a 'Homely' look about it!

Our Home Sunrise
 Mr Brambles said that although the moors were OK, the one thing he had missed was the feel of sand between his paws and the sniff of the sea!

This what I've missed!
 Miss Snowflake on the other paw announced to everyone that she had not missed the sand or the sea in the slightest and in a flash had disappeared back into the ferret bag!

No, I have Not Missed it!
 She refused to come out until OTL was off the beach and into the long grass where she feels most at home!

......are we off the beach yet?
 We met up with some of the lads and told them all about our holiday and the fun on the moors and dales!

........and the Moors were much bigger than all the sea wall put together!
Lunchtime OTL had to go into town to deliver some stuff and afterwards he took us to The Forest, which was great 'cos we hadn't seen it for some time.

We investigated all the new sniffs and Holly said that although the moors were great fun, she had missed the trees.

You just don't get trees on t'Moors!

Trees are better than heather any day!
 Of course, where there are trees, there are bound to be Squirrels!

We hunted High and Low and we saw some but they were high in the trees and wouldn't come down to hear all about our holiday. They said that any holiday without trees is boring!

Silly Squirrels!

Come on, come down for a chat!
Of course, really, the squirrels were too busy collecting nuts to store for the Winter time but I still had fun spotting them in the trees and doing my 'Pointer Stance' that Barney had taught me!

Is that a Squirrel I see before me?
Back home OTL was till working his way through the paperwork and a couple of times Miss Snowflake woke up and demanded to be let out of the cage for a ten minute 'Rampage' around the office!

So, off for some food now, OTL has got curry, so he is on his own as far as I'm concerned, mind you, Holly loves a bit of Nan Bread dipped in the sauce!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad you all had a good night's snooze. I bet you all needed it for the busy day you've all had today. Now who do I feel sorriest for the most .......... TM and the washing ........... OTL and the paperwork ......... Not Mr Brambles, he's glad to be home and on the beach with the seaside smells so he doesn't need sympathy ........... Miss Snowflake missing all the lovely grass to walk and sniff thru ........ hmmmmmmmmmm, it's a hard choice. Now don't I remember a little woofer going on walkabout in some forest up there in t'moors and getting lost? So there must be some trees up there. I bet the lads were jealous when they heard the tales of your doings up north, it's not surprising they all love OTL, I bet they wish he would take them as well. Lovely pictures today and I see you've been taught well by Barney, that's a lovely pose. Arch if fed up with all the squirrels that live in the trees at the bottom of our garden, they keep coming and burying their nuts in the garden, Arch is going to give them nuts if he catches one. Shame about the rotten weather but I suppose winter is coming now. Hope you don't get doggie scoff for dinner tonight. I bet Holly will be waiting for a bit of naan bread dipped in some curry sauce. Anyways, I'm sure either TM or OTL brought back a tastey treat from t'moors for a little before bed snack so happy muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Glad your home safe and sound, over to Sue. XX

  3. Glad you are home safe and sound, being away is nice but i always think being back home is good, you can tell all your mates about your wonderful away time and nestle in your favourite chair and dream about the next away time. TM loves playing with that washing machine really and OTL is never happier than when at the top of a pile of paperwork they only go away to give you four a change of scenery! Lovely pictures today, I expect the power station is still there perhaps we will get that angle tomorrow.. Poor little Snowflake she loves that bag so much, it must have been a very good buy but I still don't understand why OTL hasn't bought a big one for you and Holly. Hope you have another good sleep and some real good Kentish food, curry sauce and naan bread, well it sort of counts. xxxx