Friday, 24 October 2014

High Diving Snowflake!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here to see you!

Now, first of all I got to say sorry 'cos this morning I was fiddling with the blog and managed to wipe out yesterdays blog!

Claw Trouble!

Still, today has been great fun. We were up early 'cos The Missus was crashing about downstairs packing all her Glue and Glitter ready for her week 'Baby Sitting' up in Coventry!

She even woke up the ferrets and they made such a noise 'cos they thought their milk was being served!

We headed off to the beach after the ferrets finally off finished their milk!

Miss Snowflake wanted to explore the rocks again and this time there was more water than yesterday and it wasn't long before she managed to get lost!

Hang on, how do I get down?
 Snowflake was getting in a panic and started to call for help!

Help! I'm slipping off!
That was it, we heard her calling and we sped off down the beach, 'Puppies To The Rescue'!

Here come The Puppies!
Unfortunately, we just weren't quick enough and just as we arrived........ 

I'm falling!
Poor Miss Snowflake landed on her butt and got mud all over her tail as well! She was not a Happy Ferret!

She did her 'Pick Me Up Daddy' and spent some time cuddled up in his arm, wiping the mud off onto OTL's coat!

Back home we waved TM bye bye and settled down for a snooze while OTL did some more work!

Lunchtime we were back again and the tide was in, so, you know what that means!

Periscope Up!
It was great fun and I managed to get loads of swims off almost all the beach from the fence all the way to the Sea Wall!

When we got to the Sea Wall there were a couple of old Woofers enjoying a paddle in the water. Holly was most interested 'cos they were both wearing Life Jackets' and we had never seen doggy life jackets before!

Yes, it's just in case we get out of breath!
 After the walk we had to go into town to deliver some stuff so OTL wrapped me up in our Doggy Towel and I lay on the front seat while he switched on the 'Heated Seat' thingy.

It was sooo warm and comfortable that I fell asleep and by the time we got home, I was dry again!

So, we are now back home and OTL is rummaging through the fridge looking for tonight's meal, Holly did suggest he try Doggy Scoff but that didn't go down too well!

See you all tomorrow!

Have a good weekend!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake (with a mucky butt) and Mr Brambles!


  1. You lot don't half have some lovely days. Poor Miss Snowflake, I hope she's got her butt clean by now, a lady can't have a mucky butt. I can see how fast you and Holly were running to her rescue. Ooooh and bathing in the sea, wasn't the water a tad cold? Maybe you should ask santa for one of those doggie life belts. It sounds like a heated seat and a dry towel are just the thing to have in a car, I bet you enjoyed your snooze. So, TM has gone off to baby sit again so I'm guessing that means no doggie scoff for a week. I know OTL likes to cook lovely dinners for you and Holly. I hope he has something nice in the fridge for his dinner tonight, I bet he lets you mug some off him. I wonder if later tonight there will be some shortbread and a nip? I bet the five of you sit singing songs before bedtime. Have a lovely evening all, I reckon TM will be missing you all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. A lovely day for some but poor Snowflake a muddy rear not a good idea, are you two slowing up now that you are five, had it been last week then you would have caught her no trouble. You do get some looking after though with heated seats and warmed dry towels and now you have to look after each other without TM supervising. Hope OTL can find dinners for the week or it will be doggy scoff, you never know he might like it. Suggest a swap! Should be warmer tomorrow so you can have another swim and maybe Miss Snowflake will find a warm clean puddle to experiment with. You might see the doggy in a life belt again perhaps that would help Holly. Hope you had a lovely evening nibbling shortbread, strictly no whiskey though! xxxx