Saturday, 1 November 2014

A quiet day, until the Postman arrived!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a glorious sunny day it was yesterday! We were hoping that today would be the same but as we walked down to the beach we could feel little drops of rain. Old Two Legs was first to notice the rain 'cos he didn't have his hat on and his bald head is super sensitive to drops of rain!

Miss Snowflake got out of the ferret bag, did a wee and then turned around and spotted OTL had crouched down to tie his shoe lace, as quick as a flash, she was back inside the bag!

I reckon I could get back before he sees!
It didn't last too long 'cos OTL caught her before she could get back in and she spent ten minutes cuddled up in his arm watching us on the beach!

Mr Brambles found some old burnt out Whizz Bangs that some Two Legs had left on the beach after a party last night.

Mr Brambles thought that it was very irresponsible of them to leave all the rubbish on the beach.

There are some really mucky TL around!
I suggested we help by burying them all but OTL said it would take a big hole to get rid of it all!

Well, how about a small hole for a single Whizz Bang?
We carried on along the beach and Miss Snowflake stayed tucked up in OTL's arms until Mr Brambles called out that there were some Bozo Two Legs on bikes and one of them had called out that 'There are Rats on the beach'!

Bozo's on Bikes, Beware!
I mean, rats! Holly reckons that need to visit an optician or maybe get a book on animals, with pictures!

Look! Rats!
Back home The Missus had gone off to her Master Class. OTL dished up our Lambs Heart all chopped up into mouth sized bits, super stuff!

After having a good feed we headed towards our beds for a well earned snooze.

That was until the postman rang our door bell!

Of course, we went into 'Protection Mode' and nearly woofed the roof off!

The Postman, who's name is Richard, handed a load of envelopes to OTL and then said that he had a big envelope for Miss Daisy and Miss Holly!




We opened it and found that Archie Babe had sent us a Christmas Stocking each and some Mini Mouses for the ferrets!

That means we have our own stockings to hang up instead of the smelly socks we pinched off OTL last year!

A Super Big Thank You to Archie Babe and OTL has put them away in his cupboard so they are kept safe until Christmas!

Lunchtime it was really sunny, in fact, so sunny that if the tide had been in Holly said that she might have been tempted to go in for a paddle!

Trouble was, the tide was out!

Tides Out!
We met up with Freddy who had found a way around the tide problem.

Mud? No! There's a big marshy bit up there!
He had found the marshy bit where the cattle have been tramping around and went in for a splodge!

We looked at OTL but all he said was .......'NO'!

Never mind, TM will be home soon and we can show her our Christmas Socks and work our what we can get inside them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Right Miss Daisy and Miss Holly, remember Santa Paws only comes to good girls, so no more tormenting OTL about having no hair on his noddle or splodging in the mud. Glad they arrived safely and hope that at Christmas they hold enough goodies. Little Arch has one as well, so if he's a good boy he might get a few things in there as well. Hope Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles have fun with their bits as well. Maybe TM could embroider your names on the stockings. I don't think Santa will be going to TL's who leave rubbish on the beach. Now those bozo's, what do they learn in school these days, fancy not knowing that Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles are a beautiful couple of ferrets. Freddy looks really muddy, I bet his TL was well and truly chuffed at taking him home and getting him cleaned up. Hope OTL had a good rest today and TM enjoyed her day throwing the glitter onto the glue. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Well you have been spoilt today, lambs heart and then a parcel delivery, that is very kind of Archies mum to send you a present so that you will be ready for Santa Paws and far better not to use OTL's used socks! Terrible that people just leave their rubbish lying about on the beach to get taken by the tide and washed up somewhere else. There seems to be no way of stopping, someone I work with was recently fined £60 for dropping her used chewing gum down a drain in Canterbury where there weren't any bins.
    That was some mud that Freddy had found, I do hope that you didn't find as much, you would have a bad mark towards Christmas. Hope TM has a fun weekend with her glitter, watch out in case it gets into your dinners, it may look pretty on a card but it won't do Hollys' constitution any good. Colder on Sunday so take care and make sure that OTL takes his hat. xxxx