Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Another trip to The Forest!

Hi Woofers!

How's your day been? Let me tell you about the day we have had!

It's the Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles show!

Last night it was cuddles for Holly, in fact she went hunting Old Two Legs and insisted she got a cuddle on his seat with OTL and stayed there almost all evening. I think that she finally moved only because she was getting too hot!

At least there were no Whizz Bands but every time The Missus dropped anything up in her store room Holly thought it was a Whizz Bang and gave a little jump!

This morning we headed off to The Beach and spotted a rabbit on the path, so we gave chase!

Lucky rabbit, he got away!

Quick he's just around the corner!
 Down on the beach the sun was playing around with the clouds, as normal and all OTL had to do was wait for a sun beam!

Morning sun!
Both ferrets were emptied out of the bag and Miss Snowflake did a lap around the beach, in reverse!

OTL said she was 'Moon Dancing'!

I was more interested in digging a new  hole and when Holly asked what I was digging, I said that it was just a 'Hole Lotta Fun'!

A Hole Lotta Fun!
 Miss Snowflake sneaked back into the bag but was getting a bit desperate 'cos she wanted a wee!

Are we off the beach yet?
Back home both ferrets had some fun chasing each other around the house and pretty soon they were both worn out!

So, it was back into Snowy Heights for a snooze and as OTL says, 'No One Sleeps Like a Ferret'

Sleeping as only a ferret can!
We left them to it and headed off to the sofa to snooze the morning away while OTL was working in the office.

About lunch time he had a delivery to make so off we went, leaving the ferrets still asleep!

We ended up in The Forest and just for a change, instead of walking around anti clockwise, as we normally do. OTL took us clockwise and you know, it was like walking through a new forest!

Of course we were squirrel hunting while OTL was Fungi Hunting!

A little fungi in the cracks in a tree trunk.
 OTL was telling us that the Fungi is a way of getting the seeds spread about and the trees had their way of getting seeds spread about as well. We found a tree seed and a fungi and OTL took a picture!

More than one way to spread your seeds!
 Holly and I had fun running through the leaves, that was until we ran into a muddy patch!

Three more steps and Squelch!
 It was after that we kept off the main path and tried to keep to the tree trunks but there were times when we landed in the mud again!

Watch out for the muddy bits!
Back home we got a bit of a wash on our paws and OTL had to take his boots off before coming through the front door. If he hadn't, he would have been in deep poo!

So, tonight Holly says that she will need another cuddle, just to make sure there are no more Whizz Bangs and anyway, she like a cuddle with OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles, (still snoozing)


  1. You've had another lovely day. I think those ferrets could get an Olympic gold medal for snoozing. Lovely pictures again today. Love the pics of the hole on the beach and you and Holly in the woods. I didn't realise there were so many different sorts of fungi, OTL seems to be finding lots of different ones. I bet the forest was muddy after all the rain you've had recently. Glad there were no whizz bangs last night and do hope we've heard the last of them. Hope Holly's tum is fully recovered now. Enjoy a snoozy evening girls. Look forward to reading your adventures tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. How cute those sleeping ferrets look, so cosy and sprawled out all haphazard they don't look at all comfortable. Beautiful fungi today, OTL did very well finding and then capturing them, the one with the tree seed could grace a wall anywhere. So you lost and found a rabbit and definitely found fallen leaves and mud all adds to your day, a walk on the beach and in the forest, can't be bad. Such lovely pictures today, glad OTL could take his camera or we would have missed out. Have another peaceful evening and maybe Holly will be feeling better. No plaster man yet either, I bet you can't wait to spend your days in the caravan with TM while OTL is in the house cooking your dinner. xxxx