Friday, 21 November 2014

Lucy has a Problem!!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You know, there is a saying these Two Legs have and it goes like this.........

'There is always someone worse off than you!'

Well, normally I would say that wasn't the case if you are the puppy that has more brothers and sisters than mummy has teats!

But we have just got word from Lucy, and well, I mean, how could you do this to a doggy?

Vogue it 'aint'!
Now, we know that the vet has told Lucy that she has to keep warm 'cos the pills she is taking to help get rid of her lumps makes her more sensitive to the cold, but, just look at that jumper!

I mean, just think what her Street Cred would be if she met one of her mates down the park, dressed like that!

Her TL should be ashamed of herself!

Now, a nice big chunky knit jumper with a roll neck and an elasticated strap to keep it from running up her back legs would be acceptable but Pink & Green Hoops?

This morning on our walk we came across a balloon thingy that had landed on the path. Holly said that if I sniffed it where the hole was my woof would go squeaky!

Well, you know me, anything for a laugh!

I had a sniff but my woof stayed just as it normally does, so, bang goes Holly's theory!

OK, where is the hole?
Down on the beach the ferrets were dancing about the sea weed and climbing over the rocks.

Mr Brambles was playing 'Space Ferret' and kept on saying ' One small step for a ferret, one giant leap for me!'

One small step!
Holly and I were having a great time racing up and down the beach pretending we were F1 Racing Cars!

Brrrrm, Brrrm!
Miss Snowflake was trying to find somewhere private to have a poo but OTL was playing about with his camera again!

Do you mind! What does a  Girl have to do to get a bit of Privacy!
Back home we got Pigs Liver and biscuits waiting for us and we had a nibble 'cos we aren't used to Pigs Liver, a bit stronger taste than Lambs Liver!

 Lunch time we went out again and you know what? Nothing, no one, just us!

No One!
Maybe it's getting too cold for them all!

Talking of cold, we are going to ask The Missus to put a call out on the 'Face Ache' for a Chunky Knit Jumper for Lucy, poor thing, she just can't go out in that and hold her tail up high!

You think you have problems?
Another thing, TM has finished her video thingy on Brusho Glue & Glitter demos on How to Slap it About! So, OTL now has to 'Edit' it to take out all the rude words he said when he stubbed his foot claw on the desk!

It may take a little while before he gets it all done but there will be four films in all, you lucky lot!

See you tomorrow and don't forget to get out your knitting needles to save 'Lucy's Street Cred'!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I thought Lucy's jumper matched her collar, but I take on board what you say about her bum getting chilly if there's no elastic to stop her jumper going up when she goes out for a walk. Now some of us prefer to go out in our jumpers and coats before it's too light, so that no one else can giggle and point. Hope OTL didn't hurt his foot claw too much and I'm sure the ladies appreciate him taking out his word before putting the video on youtube. I hope TM didn't laugh when he hurt himself or he'll have to take that out too. I hope that the video was a whole family affair and that the four legs go in the picture. Mr Brambles looks very brave on the beach with his giant step but Miss Snowflake looks quite grumpy being photographed trying to have a poo. Cor, look at you and Holly go, racing up that beach. Those balloons usually make your woof sound like Mickey Mouse. Hope your pigs liver was tasty, it sounds like it was. Hope you all have a good evening and hope your TM isn't doing the "darlink I'm exhausted" thing. Looking forward here in Hertfordshire to seeing the video when it's up loaded. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Well Lazy Sunday has said all I was going to say, yesterday I beat her to it but today I am speechless. Looking forward to the edited versions of TM's videos, tell OTL to careful when he posts them as he doesn't want to get banded from You Tube! I thought Lucy looked bright and cheerful but agree with the above and love the Brrrrm, brrrm photo that's the way to run girls. xxxx

  3. Haha ha....Lucy here. I thought my Street Cred was way up there with the Kids...bright and cheerful. After the last couple of weeks of that nasty stuff it has left me a bit under the weather, feeling sick and yucky. The Vet said to buy me self a jumper to keep me warm out there on the streets so off we went to that not so fashionable High Street shop Pets at Home and there was not a lot of choice this colourful striped number or a Black and Pink one....couldn't make our minds up so we took both, haha ha !!! Wait till you see the next one, its the biz !!! That yucky stuff that the Vet gave me sure has worked good and those lumpy things have returned to normal but the treatment must go on to help make me better so if you see me on the streets please just look and don't laugh at my knitted numbers until I can get to another shop that has a little more classy numbers......... thanks OTL for your piece on and kisses to Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles. xxx