Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Damp Doggy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wot a Yucky Day today! Grey skies, misty, cold damp rain and on top of all that, Holly has a Grumbly Tum again!

You would have thought by now that the stuff she shoved her nose into on the beach is not good for you, especially the dead crabs and other bits that turn up!

So, she has been on the sofa for most of the day looking sad and dejected! Except when it's time for a walk and she brightens up!

The morning walk was all damp and drizzle, Miss Snowflake came out of the ferret bag for a quick wee then was back in like a streak of lightening!

I think we were all grateful to get back to the car, and that includes Old Two Legs as well!

Lunchtime we had some stuff to deliver and OTL suggested The Forest again but Holly said she wasn't in 'Forest Mood' so, instead of turning right, we turned left and headed towards the Riverside Park!

It was not the most inspiring walk 'cos we were walking in puddles most of the time and on top of that a big Bozo Staffy type of woofer rushed up to OTL and gave him a severe woofing!

Not that OTL worried too much 'cos he could see that the woofer was just putting on a big show and was really a bit unsure about OTL 'cos he is rather tall and didn't make any bad moves, like running away like wot we did!

Let's clear off while he eats OTL!
There was not a great deal to wave the camera at but OTL found a drip of water rather fascinating, so he took a picture of that!

A Little Drip!
 Then, carried away with his success, he crept up on a bit of moss on a branch, and he took another photograph!

What ever turns you on!
Then, all the stuff delivered, we headed for home again and both Holly and I were glad OTL had brought our Doggy Towel along 'cos the water makes our hair wet and on a day like today, it is cold as well!

So, a good rub down and snuggle up to the car heater is the only way for us to ride home!

Let's hope tomorrow will be drier and maybe just a little sun shine!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Not a nice day. I hope Holly's grumbly tum gets better quickly, the grumblys aren't nice. Don't think I blame the ferrets for getting back in the bag quickly today, it was very cold here. What a rude woofer to go woofing at OTL. Don't blame you for running away but poor OTL might have needed you to defend him. Hope you're all snuggled up in the warm and dry with some nice scoff. Take care, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Glad you didn't stay in the cold any longer than necessary and that includes Snowflake as well. What does Holly do, she will never learn, I am so pleased that a walk brightened her up so maybe it won't last long this time. Gorgeous droplet and moss pictures, TL's are funny people sometimes when it comes to taking pictures they don't do the wow scenes they take a drop of icy water on a twig or a bit of moss that isn't going anywhere on another twig. Then everyone admires them, if you went out with a bit of moss on the end of your nose you wouldn't have all the press around you asking for a signed portrait Enjoy your evening, stay warm and make a fuss of TM as she has been very busy being creative. xxxx