Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Another Day of Pongs and Restricted Movement!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, we still have the Decorator Men here slapping the paint about but I must say, they are doing a super job and we can't wait for them to finish!

Last night Holly fell out of bed! She was doing an 'OTL' by having an energetic dream where she was fighting a big Bozo Woofer who was looking to eat the ferrets!

She jumped up and with a big snarl, she fell off the bed and landed on the cushions where she took a big bite out of the Bozo's butt and found out it tasted like sponge filling of her cushion!

She decided to spend the rest of the night on the cushion as it wasn't too high off the ground!

Along the Sea Wall this morning we met up with Bryn and Max and Oscar, who we hadn't seen for some time 'cos they get out early in the morning nowadays, so we were catching up with the gossip and the sniffs.

We all took the woof out of Bryn 'cos he was the only one to have a coat on! he said it wasn't his fault but it did stop the draft blowing down his neck!

Do those elastic straps pinch?
Now, we normally go down onto the beach and come back via the steps but today there was one of the Fishermen throwing worms back into the sea. So, Old Two Legs had to pick the ferrets up and lift them onto the path!

Look, a Bozo Fisherman is blocking our path!
Holly and I sort of crept around all his fishing stuff and Holly even had a sniff for some sandwiches but we thing he had already eaten them!

Both ferrets were a bit put out that they had to move off their normal path and showed off until they were back on the grass path and could recognise the sniffs!

Back home we were locked in the bedroom with our bowls of Lambs Liver while the Decorator Men slapped some more paint on the walls.

Cor! That paint really pongs and it even makes me sneeze!

Lunchtime it was The Missus who took us out 'cos OTL was off to the dentist!

As it was just for a checkup we wasn't too worried, they just poke about then charge him money. That is a lot better than causing him pain, and then charge him money!

We had a chat to a couple of fishermen who were painting numbers on the Sea Wall, seems like there's going to be a big fishing match next weekend and there will be loads of sandwiches there as well!

Holly is licking her lips already!

This afternoon has been a bit boring 'cos we have been confined to the office because of the paint slapping. Holly has got a bit ratty with Snowflake 'cos she was having a sniff of Holly's ear and Holly didn't like it!

It was a good job the cage was in between them!

Not sure if the Decorator Men are going to finish today, claws crossed they will!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Our claws are crossed as well that the decorator man finishes today. Well, you've had a funny sort of day. Poor Holly, I hope she didn't hurt herself when she fell out of bed. Good that you caught up with your mates down at the beach this morning, perhaps you should have all ganged up on the fisherman. Hope OTL didn't have to pay too much money to the dentist. Are you sure they're having a fishing match and not a "who's worm swims farthest" contest. It was nice of TM to take you out. I hope it wasn't too chilly. It's a good job Holly doesn't share a cage with Miss Snowflake, I bet she was just trying to whisper in Holly's ear. Have a good evening, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I think the decorator men want to spend Christmas with you so they are making it last, they have heard how delicious TM's roast dinners are and want to join in. Poor Holly falling out of bed and finding her cushion wasn't as nice tasting as a bit of rump, hope she didn't hurt herself. Fishing match sounds good are you going to cheer them on, you might catch a worm or two but you should be alright with your worming tablets! Glad OTL didn't need to give the dentist too much money, I read on Facebook that dentists earn a lot of money repairing teeth so we should be very sceptical when 9 out of 10 dentists recommend a certain toothpaste. That really means don't buy the toothpaste!!! Lovely Snowflake trying to be friendly with Holly but Holly doesn't want a ferret friend, can't see why! xxxx