Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Summers Coming!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

What fantastic news! Summer is on its way! The days are getting longer and the nights shorter!

We have got one holiday booked for the Spring Time and we are arguing over the late Summer/Autumn one. Old Two Legs wants to go to Scotland, The Missus doesn't know yet and we just want some rabbits to chase!

Before we left for our walk Snowflake was caught playing with our Christmas Costumes! She was rummaging around looking for the pretend beard!

OK, Where is it!
She didn't find the beard!

This morning we were up late, too late to get some morning sunrise pictures from the beach, as we normally do. OTL looked out of the window and caught this one, just imagine wot it would have been like if we were on The Beach!

A Solstice Sunrise!
Mr Brambles got scared 'cos there was a Sea Gull doing a Flying Demonstration and was getting too close!

Brambles has been studying the bird book and has found a gull called a Bonxie or Great Skua which he says will eat little ferrets!

Was that a Bonxie?
 Miss Snowflake dived under a rock but said she was looking for the Big Smelly Thing!

No Bonxie under here!
 Back home OTL was still putting up the curtains and making a good job, well, at least they were the right way up!

We met a young woofer on our lunchtime walk who said that he had found a super sniff back down on the beach and after he described the place we worked out that he had caught a sniff of ferret poo!

We just couldn't tell him that it was Mr Brambles, I mean, the shame of not knowing what ferret poo sniffs like!

 I nearly got into trouble, I was a bit behind OTL and Holly, when down the Sea Wall came four woofers!

Now you know me and strange woofers, I'm a bit of a coward and normally hid behind OTL or Holly!

This time, everyone had left me to get through the crowd on my own!

Just keep walking and don't look at any of them!
 I managed to get through without any trouble and we headed back home for OTL to finish the curtains!

After getting them all up we discovered that he had three of them back to front!

Poor lad, he's down stairs working on them now!

OK, we are off now to see what he has done!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad to hear summer is on it's way. Oooh working out your summer holibobs already ......... sounds good to me. I'm sure were ever you go there will be rabbits to chase. That sunrise looks good. Maybe OTL should get Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles some hard hats to wear, that way any nasty birds looking for a ferret to eat, won't know they're ferrets and fly by. Hope you got your lambs heart today. You were very brave to walk thru all those woofers on your own. Oh dear, back to front curtains .......... they will look lovely from outside though. Hope OTL manages to sort them the right way round, I expect he's not going to get served any scoff until he does. Have a lovely evening all, can't wait to see you girls in your Xmas outfits. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Oh lovely, summer is on its way, please no snow for me, you can have some if you like. As for the back to front curtains, I am not as clever as Archie's mum because I thought they were made wrong, now I understand that OTL put them up at the wrong windows, silly me and silly OTL for no noticing they were wrong. Lovely sunrise and a medal for the bravest Daisy in town, those woofers looked very big. Waiting to see a picture of the right way round curtains..................... no............... I well I will have to wait until Christmas Eve. Does Snowflake want a costume of her own maybe TM will make her one from the old curtains. Be hearing from you Christmas Eve, hope you have the sherry and mincepie ready for Santa plus your big, big Christmas Stockings. xxxx