Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Last Day!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We do love these lazy days and being the last day of the year we decided to celebrate in style!

So, as it was going to be a lazy day, we got up late!

Yes, I know, we should really be up early, checking the house and grounds for Nargles and Robbers and Cats, but today, well, we sent The Missus down first and she's scary enough for all of them!

Out on The Sea Wall the frost was still thick on the ground, but not as much as yesterday, but it was still cold on our paws!

Well, it feels cold enough to be snow!
 Old Two Legs was down with his camera photographing the frosty leaves.

If only he could get closer to the frost!
 Down on the beach I was enjoying a good roll in the frosty sand.

I just love a 'Crispy Roll'!
Both ferrets had been emptied out of their Ferret Bag and as soon as Snowflake had been to wee, she was heading back to the ferret bag!

Get that bag ready, I'm on my way!
 Mr Brambles just crouched down on the sand and had a little shiver to try and warm up but in the end even he asked to be carried up to the grass path!

This is just too cold!
 It wasn't long before we all headed back up the grass path towards the car park. The ferrets enjoyed a 'Swim' in the grass and Miss Snowflake said that she enjoyed playing at being a 'Grass Shark'!

Beware! Grass Shark coming through!
Looking back down onto the sea we couldn't see any waves at all. In fact, it was smooth all over and if we didn't know how cold it was, I might have suggested a swim!

Looks good enough to swim in!
Back home we had some of our Posh Scoff and retired to OTL's office to enjoy our 'Lazy Day'

Lunchtime we were back on the beach and it was warming up now, not a lot, but enough to have some fun!

Rough an' Tumble
Holly and I had a good 'Rough an' Tumble' on the beach while OTL tried to photo a Red Shank that was  paddling in the rock pools but as soon as OTL got close, it would fly off again!

We met up with Pixie who we hadn't seen for some time and she did her normal trick of trying to mug OTL for a nibble but she still hasn't learnt, OTL doesn't carry nibbles!

Come on, you must have at least one nibble!
 A bit further on we met up with our mate who decided that she wanted to have a cuddle with OTL!

Wot a Tart!

Excuse me Girls, I'm off to see OTL!
Down on the beach we spotted a Two Legs who was standing there looking out to sea. Holly said he was waiting for the water to come back

What a Bozo! It's going to be a long time before he had any chance of getting his paws wet!

Where's the Sea gone?
We were surprised by the number of TL's playing on the beach, you can tell that they are still on holiday 'cos they are all wandering around playing games!

So many Two Legs!
Back home for another nibble and a snooze before mugging OTL when his dinner comes up!

Now, we have heard, via The Missus and that thing called 'Face Ache' that Lucy has been in for another injection and is doing well! That's great news! Keep yer tail up Lucy Girl!

We also heard that Lucy's mum has had her operation and should be out of hospital soon! Good news! It won't be long before we see her down at TM's Master Classes again, slapping the Glue and Glitter with the rest of them!

So, we are off now to see what OTL has got for dinner, something meaty and juicy with any luck!

See you tomorrow woofers and it will be the First Day of the year!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely last day of the year you've had. I approve of the lay in, hope you get another on the first day of the year. Yep, you're quite right, TM would get rid of any nargle lurking around your house, she'll stand no nonsense from them. Glad to see you're wearing your lovely flying jackets this morning and lunchtime. It's good to hear Lucy's good news that she's doing well and hopefully her TM will be back home with her tomorrow, her OTL is taking really good care of her. Little Arch found it very cold out this morning and headed for home half way thru his walk, he reckons if he doesn't get some boots for his little paws he'll not be going as far. There's almost as many TL's on your beach now as in the summer. Glad to hear you got some posh nosh, are you staying up for the new year, perhaps TM will give you a lick of her bolly and there's bound to be some snackettes to mug. Hope OTL shared his dinner with you. Have a very happy new years eve and a lovely new years day tomorrow. Love, licks and new years wags to each and everyone of you down there at Godwin towers, little Arch xxxx

  2. That is what holidays are all about, simply lazing about, walking in the sunshine, not getting wet, having a snooze and then a nice mugging of a dinner. Really good news about Lucy and her mum, wishing them both well. Hope you weren't kept awake with all the celebrations of a new year, some TL's get very carried away and go a bit over the top so to speak. Have a wonderful start to 2015, I shall be here on the end of the monitor to read about your adventures, I bet OTL has some real nice things lined up for you. Lots of love and hugs wending their way to you. XXXX