Monday, 10 March 2014

Another Fun Day!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Wot a super sunny day again! The garden pond is full of little wriggly things that promise to grow into some flying, stinging thingys! The sun has been shining on the solar power thingy by the pond and the water fountain has been splashing water all over the pond!

The ferrets were up early and gave Old Two Legs a run around the house when he opened the office door to go and fetch some fresh water. Mr Brambles rushed out and headed into The Missus's store room and tried to open one of her pots of glitter!

OTL just managed to get to him in time!

As he was returning to the office he was just in time to see Miss Snowflakes tail disappearing around the corner, tearing along the corridor and into the bedroom! OTL ran like mad to catch her before she disappeared under the bed!

In the end OTL said that he was taking us all out 'cos he reckoned we all needed a good run to calm us down!

On the beach Miss Snowflake found a sniff in some sea weed and proceeded to rub her chin in it!

Mr Brambles was further down the beach diving in and out of the rock pools!

Oooooooo! This is Lovely!
 I found a sniff but it was buried, so, I had a go at digging it out!

Come Out, Come Out, I Know Your There!
Back home we had some chicken for breakfast and afterwards Holly and I spent tome time at the bedroom window woofing at anyone who passed!

Of course, TM kept on telling us to stop woofing but we didn't take any notice.

While we were on the cushion by the window Holly said, 'I reckon I would like a Fish and Rice breakfast, just like Archie Babe had yesterday!

We spent some time discussing what fish we could have, obviously ones with bones is out 'cos they might get stuck, so, it was Cod we settled on in the end!

Lunchtime we went delivering with OTL and ended up at the Riverside Park. We saw the old yacht was still there, so we reckon if we mended it we could go fishing for cod!

A lick of paint and a plank or two should do it!
 The tide was out, so we couldn't see if it floated but there was another yacht out on the mud that would do equally as well but OTL said that it must be owned by someone 'cos it looked well kept!

Wot about that one to go fishing in?
We got fed up looking for a boat and played 'Pirates' along the old wall. Holly played the Pirate and I was the Revenue Man!

No matter how she tried, she couldn't get past me and I won every game!

On Guard against Pirates!
We had great fun chasing each other around, especially when we found a bit of twig on the ground!

OTL had his Infra Red Camera thingy so it looks like we were playing in the snow!

Of course, there was no snow really but it was still fun!

Chasing Pirates in the Snow!
Back home again and the ferrets were still asleep, so we cuddled up on the sofa and enjoyed an afternoon snooze!

For dinner tonight, OTL has got some of those 'Home Made Burgers' that TM makes. Holly and I try to get a nibble of those but OTL and TM eat all theirs and leave none for us!

Not fair!

Still, we will mug OTL for some shortbread tonight 'cos he is a sucker for a lick behind the ear and Holly and me holding our paws up in the air!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.