Tuesday, 5 August 2014

We Meet Another Maisey!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

Another warm and muggy sort of day. The ferrets were up and ready for a walk at six this morning, all scrabbling about in their cage, that was until Old Two Legs went in with their breakfast.

When OTL went in they were both asleep again!

Mind you, they soon woke up when they heard the rattle of their drinking bowl 'cos that means Milk!

Ferrets are lactose intolerant so that means they get a 'Special' milk, Lactose Free! OTL pours them a drop in their bowls and then puts a large desert spoon full of hot water in with the milk. This dilutes it down and also warms up the milk!

Both ferrets just love the milk and as soon as it is down on the floor they are scrabbling at the cage door to get out and into the milk.

Even with ferrets it is 'Nose Down and Tail Up'!

Down on the beach, the tide had turned and was on it's way out. Mr Brambles found some wet sea weed and tried a Sea Weed Wrap!

Enjoying a Sea Weed Wrap!
I went splashing into the water and was soon paddling about enjoying my 'Early Morning Dip'. Holly said I looked like a Chanel Swimmer and that I should do some training!

Next it's a Cross Chanel Swim!
I'm not too sure if she really means what she says 'cos she managed to get her paws wet by pinching my stick!

She has Pinched Me Stick!
Late morning OTL had to go out to get some stuff, so, Holly and I crept into the car when he wasn't looking!

After all his jobs, we went for a walk in the forest looking for squirrels and rabbits!

Holly Creeping Through the Undergrowth!
We didn't see any rabbits but we think we saw a squirrel but it was too far away to be sure!

OTL was too busy looking at the woodland flowers and buzzy things to notice the squirrel!

Up ahead we heard a woofing going on, so we waited for OTL to arrive, then we walked behind him, and made sure it was far enough behind him to do a 'Quick Escape' if needed!

Come on OTL, there's a Big Woofer Ahead!
Off went OTL and when he stopped to talk to the owner of the woofer, we caught up to see him stroking a Schnauzer!

Would you believe it, this Schnauzer was all of one year old and of course, thought OTL was wonderful!

I'm Maisey and I'm a Schnauzer!
Holly said 'Hello' but I hung back, not too sure and even had a little grumble when Maisey tried to sniff my tail, uninvited!

I jumped onto OTL's lap and did my 'KeepAwayFromOTLYouNoisySchnauzerTypeWoofer!' Grumble and that sorted her out, she ran behind her owners legs!

You don't mess with Daisy Dog, especially when she's on OTL's lap!

Back home to a plate of chicken and a chew followed by a snooze until dinner time.

It's a hard life being OTL's Woofer!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.