Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Back to Normal'ish!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

I am glad to let you all know that things have now returned to normal, well as normal as normal is in this house!

Lets face it, who would think it normal to run off to a place with loads of snow, on your own and spend your birthday, on your own and call it normal?

Old Two Legs has always been a bit strange like that, you know he has even been climbing the mountains on his own when his mate couldn't come with him!

Well, today he set off with all of us to explore the wilds of Grain Seashore!

The wind was howling and the snow came in horizontally and the wild bears were chasing us across the sandy beach!

Not really but you could imagine that OTL would think that was great fun!

Instead it was a little quieter than that!

All the Sniffs are Frozen!
 Due to the cold, the sniffs had no real information to give us and Holly said the only sniff she had found was me!

You know, she even started whinging about the water being frozen and she couldn't get a drink!

Look! The water is all hard!
 We had a bit of a laugh at Miss Snowflake 'cos she did her normal thing of climbing all over the Sea Weed to have a wee but got stuck between two rocks and OTL had to got and rescue her before she fell in the cold water!

Help! I'm stuck between a rock and a wet place!
Mr Brambles stayed on the shore and gave OTL such a pitiful look that OTL picked him up and gave him a cuddle until they got to the grass!

I marched up and down the beach looking for the Bears, but I couldn't find even a sniff!

I see no Bears!
 Back onto the grass Holly reckons she could sniff bear wee but I said it was Barney Number Two 'cos I recognised the sniff!

It's a Bear! No, it's Barney No 2!
 Back home we got some new Doggy Scoff which didn't taste too bad and I had a chew on it and almost finished the bowl but Holly said it tasted like Sheep Poo, which I have tasted and it's not too bad!

Anyway, Holly marched off with her nose in the air saying that she wasn't going to eat it and she was off hunting for old chews that she could sniff under the bed!

OTL was working away and had to go into the lift for some stuff, so, Holly and I got him to give us a lift up there and we went off in search of Nargles!

We didn't find any but it was still good fun having a rummage about in the corners!

No, no Nargles here either!
 We made a big fuss of hunting about that OTL was dead impressed with our search technique, so much so that he said he would ask The Missus for some real food for us tomorrow, you know, Steak & Rice!

You mean real, 'Real Food'?
 Well, that's all that Holly and I have been talking about all afternoon!

I wonder if TM will Braise or Stew the steak?
Claws crossed, we may get some real food soon, if not, Holly says that she will fall over on the footpath and just 'Fade Away'!

Right, we are off now to see what OTL has for dinner, I hope it tastes nice and is 'Muggable'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, (Fading Away) Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I'm so glad you weren't left home alone again, what a relief. Wow, what adventures on the beach this morning .............. now, the bears might be white, camouflage for the weather, so watch out they don't sneak up on you. I wish Miss Snowflake would pick a different spot for her wees, she isn't doing herself any favours picking a place that's surrounded by cold water. Mr Brambles much have looked very pitiful for OTL to pick him up and carry him to a grassy spot but well done OTL. Hmmmmm sounds like TM is experimenting with doggie scoff again, she's trying to cheat, well you tell her from little Arch, if she doesn't cook you something soon, to stop Holly fading away, and yes, a nice bit of steak would be good, little Arch will put one of his special, green, stinky little doggie puffs into a box and post it to her ...... he says, she will get a whiff of what fading woofer smells like!!!!!! I bet TM is racing to the saucepan this minute. You have a very tidy loft, we get lost in ours, we have to leave a rope trail so we can find our way out again. Enjoy your muggings from OTL and maybe if you give him some really snuggly cuddles he might find a bit of shortbread for you, did he bring some back? Have a lovely evening all and Daisy, remind TM before you go to bed of little Arch's promise!!!! Love, licks and smelly wags from little (oooooooohhhhhhh not again) Arch xxxx

  2. I'm cooking... I'm cooking .... xxxx TM

    1. hahahahahahahaha I thought that might shift you ............. the thought of it shifts me ;) xxxxxx

    2. Haha ha....bless them needing real food.....as for little Archies Bum, TM's cork from her Champers could help !!! xxx
      Love you all lots.....Me and Lucy Lou xxxxxxxx

    3. Don't think the cork would survive Marianne ;) xx