Thursday, 8 January 2015

It's Been a 'Too Day'Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

Well, wot a day! Old Two Legs set off early this morning and we have only just welcomed him back!

The ferrets got their morning Lactose Free milk, a run around, some fresh Kibble and their Poo Pots emptied and filled with fresh cat litter before OTL left us but.......!

No Walkies!

Mind you, I think they got off lightly 'cos when The Missus took us out, we had to put on our rain coats first, normally a bad sign!

We left home in the rain, got to The Car Park in the rain, got dragged out of the car, in the rain, and then marched down the green path with our leads on to stop us getting back into the car again!

Holly decided that the best thing was to do what she had to do and leg it back. I was a little put out and only had a wee!

Back to the car and we at least got a rub down with our towel before heading home.

The ferrets had got the run of the house while OTL was getting them sorted this morning and, just to show how at home he now feels, Mr Brambles went down stairs into the kitchen and left what OTL calls a 'Marker Poo'. TM calls it a pile of 'Five Aitch One Tea'!

What ever that is!

It's amazing how grumpy she gets when wiping up Ferret Poo, OTL never gets grumbly when he does it!

Lunchtime came and we were off again but this time it was sunny and the rain had disappeared over the horizon. So, I was able to complete my 'Business' without water running under my collar!

Now, do you remember that TM said she would bring her camera?

Well, it was TOO wet to begin with and at lunchtime she was in TOO much of a rush and didn't have the time!

OTL says that TM has TOO many excuses!

So, off we go to mug OTL for some nibbles and maybe even some shortbread tonight!

See you tomorrow when OTL will be back in charge and it will chasing on the beach and loads of sniffs and ferret chasing OTL to get back in the bag 'cos it's TOO cold outside!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh Daisy, what a let down ........... here we all are waiting for pictures of TM racing you and Holly up the beach and guess what???? ........................... she was too busy!!! Pah!!!!! Poor little Mr Brambles ........ ferret poos are only little!!!! That TM needs some serious talking to by OTL. Little Arch wouldn't even come out of the front door this morning, it was raining very heavily though. I think you and Holly need to go on strike this evening ........... no cuddles or snuggles for TM,. only for OTL. Good luck with the muggings, I'm sure OTL will share his shortbread with you, he's such a sharing TL. I mean, he even shared the ferret poo this morning and did TM appreciate it???? NO!! Have a lovely snuggly evening and hopefully you'll have a better run on the beach tomorrow when OTL is back in charge. Love, licks and wags from little (last day of being 2) Arch xxxxx

  2. How d-i-s-a-p-p-o-i-n-t-i-n-g, no photos of your day, not even an indoor one, I am speechless, that TM has nothing to do all day but look after two little doggies and two imprisoned ferrets and doesn't even take a photo, booo hoooo............. Tomorrow will be double wammy day with lots of gorgeous pictures to make up for today, how lovely that Mr B thought of sharing his poo with the kitchen, so thoughtful he is sometimes! Hope you have a lovely evening, even a little bit of shortbread and big, big cuddles to make up for today. xxxx

  3. Mmm..... it seems I'm in the 5h1t for not taking any pictures,,... That Daisy is always telling tails on me! xx
    TM xx