Saturday, 31 January 2015

We have seen the Snow Fairy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Guess what? We saw the Snow Fairy today!  Not for long but she really did pass over us! There were whopping big flakes of snow but when they landed on the ground they all turned to water!

This morning there was just a small Red Dawn and Snowflake said that it was a case of 'Red Sky in the Morning, Ferrets Warning'!

Which means that it will Rain/Snow/Flood/or Something Else and we won't like it!

What ever it is it's going to be bad!

A Ferrets Warning!
Holly and I didn't take too much notice 'cos we decided to have a super fast chase around the beach. It started off with me having a roll in something really smelly on the sand!

Yes, Yes, YES!
 Then Holly started to chase me but as normal, I was too fast for her!

Slow Down I want to Catch You!
 Old Two Legs was having fun trying to catch me speeding along but I was almost too fast for him!

A Super Fast Speeding Daisy Dog!
We met up with that Bozo Sheep Dog Type of Puppy! He was still fascinated by OTL and his camera and the fact that he could see himself in the lens!

Look! Look! I can see me!
I mean, what a potty puppy!

When we got home there was a bowl full of Old Doggy Scoff waiting for us,


And one more, YUK!

It wasn't too long before The Cat Woman turned up to play 'Glue Slapping' with The Missus. The pair of them spent most of the day giggling and sloshing the Glue & Glitter all over the place!

A Right Pair Of Messy Crafters they are!

OTL has been working hard on the computer and the printer today, trying to get some pictures printed but some of the Nozzles in the printer look like they are bunged up with sticky ink, so you can imagine what he has been saying today!

He is off tomorrow early in the morning, so, TM will be taking us for our morning stroll.

She says that the ferrets will have to go without a walk 'cos there is no way she is walking along with two ferrets on a lead!

No sense of adventure, that's her problem!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

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  1. Well at least you've seen the snow fairy even if she didn't hang around. Wow, what a fast Daisy, I'm surprised OTL managed to catch you with his camera ........... you didn't really give Holly a chance to catch you, she probably only wanted to have a good sniff of the pong. How disgusting to be have doggie scoff put in your bowl, now here's a little trick that little Arch used to do ........... if something disgusting is put in your bowl, take it out, drop it on the floor, roll it flat and when you've got the pong of it all over you, go sit on the sofa ............. now that should stop TM putting disgusting doggie scoff in your bowl once and for all. I'm surprised the cat woman didn't have a word with TM about the doggie scoff. That pup does look surprised to see himself in the lens. So, OTL is going off without you tomorrow ........... are you going to allow that Daisy? Walking with TM means staying on the lead, no chasing rabbits, no rolling in sniffs, no ferrets to torment ...... could all add up to not having a lot of fun, unless ................. you and Holly run at full pelt and make her run with you ............ hehehehehehe. Well I hope you got some decent muggings this evening, you deserve them if OTL is going to leave you at home while he goes off on an away day tomorrow. Enjoy your snoozes. Looking forward to hearing about tomorrows adventures. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx