Friday, 20 February 2015

He Sneaked Off Again!

Hi Woofers!

Us here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Didn't it rain last night! We were woken up and had to seek comfort by cuddling up to Old Two Legs who was snoring away, as normal and he didn't even hear the rain!

Mind you, Holly gave him a shove and stopped his snoring and just to make sure, I gave him a lick behind the ear, just to make sure he was awake!

We were a little early on The Beach and even so, Mr Brambles asked to be put down before he got to the beach, it seems his Lactose Free Milk got through his system a bit quicker than normal and he wanted a wee!

Can I get out for a minute?
Miss Snowflake stayed in the bag saying that he shouldn't be so greedy when drinking the milk, 'cos he not only drinks his bowl full but helps Snowflake finish off hers as well!

OTL calls him 'A Right Guzzle Guts!'

That's Better, can I get back in the bag now?

Down on The Beach it was a little windy and Snowflake told Brambles to stop still while she sheltered from the wind by hiding behind his butt!

That's it, stay there!
Of course he didn't stay there and after a run over the rocks the pair of them wanted to get back in the bag!

Can we come back please?
OTL said 'No' and the idea was for them to get some exercise by running along the beach and back to the car!

Mr Brambles showed off a little then tried to creep up on Mrs Corvid who was investigating some stuff further up the beach!

Creepy, Creepy, Catch a Corvid!
Of course, he didn't, she was too clever for him and flew of saying that he had to get up a lot earlier if he planned to catch her!

We met up with Max, Oscar and Bryn who were sniffing around on The Sea Wall. They are still fascinated by the ferrets sniff and Max got a bit too close and nearly got a 'Ferret Kiss' on his nose!

Hello Lads!
Back home we were given a Rawhide Chew after the Tesco Man had dropped off our stuff. Both Holly and I were too busy chewing away to notice OTL creep out the front door with his tool box!

He was off to Auntie Zoe to install her new washing machine and had decided to leave us at home!

Not Fair if you ask me!

The Missus took us out at lunch time but it wasn't the same, she didn't join in our game of 'Hunt The Rabbit' and she didn't have a game on the beach digging holes in the sand either!

So, a bit later OTL arrived back and Holly and I both gave him a 'Welcome Back' lick on the nose!

Well, we have got to be good to him 'cos we plan some serious mugging tonight!

TM is off to her 'Crop' tomorrow, and with a bit of luck, we may get an 'Adventure' with OTL in The Forest' again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a shame OTL snuck off with out you, you could have had a lot of fun with Auntie Zoe's little TL's while OTL sorted the washing machine. Good to see you all enjoying the beach this morning, I bet Max is glad he didn't get a ferret kiss, his little nose would have been a bit sore otherwise. Lovely pictures from this morning. I can't understand TM not joining in the rabbit hunt or digging holes on the beach, perhaps OTL needs to buy her a bucket and spade to dig some holes with. I heard you and Holly got locked away yesterday while TM was making her video, tsk, naughty TM, but I'm glad to hear she's going to do it again next week and hopefully we'll get a peek at the stars of the show in the background. I bet OTL will be generous sharing his dinner tonight, after all he snuck out without you so he owes you a little bit extra and he probably missed you as well. Hope TM has a good time at her crop tomorrow, if you manage to get down to see the ladies you can tell them how cruel TM locked you away yesterday, that should be good for picking up a little treat or 2. Have a lovely evening all, enjoy the muggings, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx
    psssst Good news about Lucy today. xxxx

  2. Now you have not mentioned the fact that TM was doing one of her videos and you and Holly being shut away made woofing noises all through the performance so it has to be re done. Many of your followers are on your side because you two are necessary for the production, we have got up a petition and will march around the Crop hall tomorrow to protest, so watch out for us. Back to today's' story, Mr B can't have thought he could catch Mrs Corvid even you know she flies away, the squirrels and rabbits are uncatchable don't even try a bird! Oh dear, TM can't dig holes, she needs a few lessons from you and then she would be alright, sometimes she is just no fun! OTL is sneaky giving you a treat and then slipping out but it was for Auntie Zoe and she is not a bad kid she does bring you presents, hopefully the next time she comes to see you she will bring you an extra present......... Hope you found some nice nibbles to make up for your loss today and have a really fantastic day with OTL tomorrow. Another noisy early start but then the rest of the day he will be yours. xxxx