Tuesday, 17 March 2015

More Visitors!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot an exciting day today!

We were up early 'cos Holly fell out of bed, we think that The Missus kicked her off the bed but we can't be sure 'cos we were all asleep at the time!

What that did mean was that we were all out for our morning walk a bit before our normal time!

Holly said that there would be a good chance of catching a rabbit or two if we rushed around the corner and surprised them!

Well! Where are they?
 That was it, too early for even the rabbits!, Mind you, we had time to have a look around, just in case, 'cos the ferrets wanted a wee!

Come on Snowflake don't take all day!
 Down on the beach it was sort of wonderful. We all stood there and said, 'Wonder what's over there?'

All we could hear was the Fog Horn honking away on the end of Southend Pier!

Wunder Wot's Over There?
 The tide hadn't fully come in, so there was time for Miss Snowflake to have a scuttle around the rocks and check to see if the Big Slimy Monster was around!

Oh! Look! Real Rocks!
 Brambles made an interesting discovery, if he stands on top of the sea weed and scrunches his claws up, there is a loud POP and he gets sea water all over the place!

Here! That one went POP! As well!
 Back up on the grass both ferrets were diving in and out of the grass, Mr Brambles said he was sure he could sniff a Monster Weasel in the grass but Snowflake and I thought it was a bit like Holly's Rabbits, mostly in the mind!

Shh! There's one here, Honest!
Back home for a nibble of breakfast and a snooze.

That didn't last too long 'cos we were woken by Auntie Zoe ringing our door bell!

Auntie Zoe, Uncle Paul and Little Megan had come for a visit and to bring TM her Birthday present!

Mind you, it's not her birthday yet, that happens at the end of the month but I think they wanted to get it in early just in case!

Well, there she was, ripping the wrapping off a brand new Slow Cooker.  Oooooh! Says TM, Look, now I can cook you wonderful meals!

OTL asked if there was a magic wand with it or is it a self contained magic pot.

We think the dentist will be able to fix the broken tooth!

The printer arrived today but we haven't opened it yet 'cos OTL has had loads to do, so that may be opened tomorrow!

One good thing though, the box it comes in is enormous, so we reckon that the ferrets are going to get a new maze to play in, complete with loads of brown paper and cardboard tubes!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight, maybe sausage egg and chips!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. To start with these Slow Cookers are very slow, hence the name, so when TM puts all sorts of things in it dinner will not be ready for simply hours and hours. That said when it is done it will be ready tasty, I speak as one who knows about these things.
    Fancy poor Holly being kicked out of bed, not enough to be woken by a turbo charged monster she gets the foot treatment as well, what a good start to St Patrick's Day. Love to see Mr B being surprised by the load pops of the seaweed and hope he didn't get too wet and gungy How lovely to see Zoe and Paul and little Megan, the boys would have been at school so you wont see them until you visit there.
    Tomorrow is "Printer Day", oh dear, have you and TM arranged to go and visit someone, take a small overnight bag and some sandwiches, best be on the safe side.
    Big maze for Thursday then, perhaps he could get a big, big box for you and Holly to rampage around in, he wont get you a carrying bag so I think the lest he could do is to get you a really huge cardboard box. We have cod for dinner and parsley sauce so if you are hungry you could always nip over for a little bit of fish. Enjoy your evening get some little nibbles and put a few in your suitcase. xxxx

  2. Whatever will that TM do next to get you all out of bed, I think kicking Holly off is the worst way of getting you up. I hope Holly is ok, maybe you and Holly should get on TM's side tonight and not let her in. Glad you all had fun on the beach, Mr Brambles must have been very amused at the poppings, and pleased that Snowflake found her rocks, shame about no rabbits though. What a good surprise, Aunty Zoe, Uncle Paul and little Megan coming to visit. I hope a visit to the dentist doesn't cost OTL too much or he won't be able to afford a present for TM, I bet she didn't think of that before she clobbered him. Sounds like it's going to be fun and games with the big box. Have a lovely evening, sausage, egg and chips is one of my favourites. Happy muggings and peaceful snoozing. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx