Wednesday, 18 March 2015

We are expecting babies!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It has been a busy day today!

First we woke up late, it was Holly's fault, she got thrown off the bed by The Missus, again!

So she went down stairs and had a bite to eat and then fell asleep on the sofa until about three thirty, when she came back up stairs and gave one of her 'Pick Me Up' woofs! Old Two Legs got out and picked her up and put her on the bed, ready for her next snooze!

We got down to the beach and it was still misty. It's a pity the weather has been so terrible 'cos last night there was a big showing of Aurora Borealis in the sky but it didn't get down as far as us here in North Kent. OTL was showing off 'cos that is one of the things he is busting to see!

He says that he wants to go to the Orkney Islands and keep his fingers crossed! Not sure when he plans to go but I don't think we will be going with him!

So, instead of  Aurora Borealis we got mist!

No Aurora Borealis here!
The ferrets were up for a game on the beach and spent some time ferreting around in the rock pools and getting their paws wet!

It's a bit damp here as well!
Brambles didn't hang about and chased Holly and me up the grass path. Holly found this sniff and we were enjoying sharing it when Brambles came bounding up and joined in! Without asking!

Cheeky Ferret!

Share a sniff girls?

Back home things were going potty! There was a couple of big orders waiting for OTL which he said involves a kilometre of coax cable!

I can see he has a few days of cutting and crimping ahead of him!

So, there he was, getting going on the first order when the next one came in and that involves a large number of antennae that he has to cut to length and then build to his own special design. (He's clever like that!)

Holly and I headed for our snooze spots and we left him alone until a quarter past two when we gave his chair a shove, which means 'Walkies!'

The weather hadn't changed but we didn't mind, it wasn't too cold and a chase along the Sea Wall to keep us warm.

Back home OTL says that we got a surprise coming!

Auntie Hellen was bringing some babies for us to look after!

Wot? Babies? Here? For Us?

We were rather excited and when she rang the door bell and we both gave her a Big Welcome Woof!

In her arms was a box with a big bowl inside that used to hold sweets!

Inside the bowl was some water and in the water was............


We all went out into the garden and watched OTL pour pond water into the bowl and then pour it out again, together with the frog spawn!

We have been told that we must guard the spawn against birds like Herons and Seagulls and Little Egrets and Pussy Cats!

No Problem!

We are not sure how long it will take until frogs come out for a croak but we will be watching the pond for signs!

So, there you go, something to look forward to other than the Blue Tits and the Sparrows producing eggs soon!

Of course, Miss Snowflake asked if she could look after a frog or two but I thing OTL wouldn't be too happy about that!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I think you'll have to ban TM from the bed, kicking woofers off is just not playing nice. Good to hear you all had a good time on the beach this morning, Mr Brambles shares your sniffs because he's turned in to a ferret woofer, that's what comes of eating doggie biscuits. Wow, frogs spawn, that will really be good when they turn into frogs. Frogs are amazing little creatures to play with, you can make them jump and if they don't play nice you nudge them on their backs until they agree to play nicely. So watch out that nothing comes into your garden to upset your new little friends. Have a good evening, hoping you get some nice munchies and snoozes. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Three strikes and you are out, that's what Michael says, if she does it again report it to him!! Looking forward to seeing your tadpoles and baby frogs, that's going to be wonderful lots of little Kermits hopping about. He said get OTL to build her a bed in the printer box, that will sort the situation out. Good to hear that OTL is going to be busy, I hope he gets the printer up and running quickly so that he can get on with his work. Morning mist looked a disappointment, that's what we had but then the sun came out and Ightham Mote was really nice and not too cold. Lovely pictures of you today, TM has been busy I have seen some of her work today and it is very good. Enjoy your evening and maybe some Southern Lights coming before the eclipse. xxxx

  3. Morning Daisy, lovely to see you and Holly yesterday and thank you for the big woof welcome! Hope you enjoy watching the frog spawn turn into tadpoles and then frogs. You'll have great fun when they start hopping around the garden, just don't bring any indoors for the missus! Uncle Geoffie is on frog watch here at Pearce Towers to find the slippery little sucker that laid them as we don't want any more thank you very much. He'll catch it and take it down to the marshes (not the market silly OTL !) to a much bigger pond where she'll meet lots of other frogs and have great fun. x