Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Deep in The Forest!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Bro Brambles here!

Wot a Hot Day Today?

Last night it was a bit muggy and they are promising even more heat before the end of the week!

The ferrets were straight into the Sea Weed and paddling in the rock pools.

That was until Snowflake thought she spotted a crab!

I saw something move under that rock!
 Both ferrets got out of the rock pool and sat on top of the rocks!

Holly and I were on the beach waiting for them to start heading for home. That's the trouble with ferrets, no matter which way you want to go, they always want to go the other way!

I've told them to get a move on, you try to get them out!
It was like that all the way back to the car. Holly and I went on ahead while Old Two Legs had to stay with the ferrets while they sniffed every sniff and rolled in every ferret sniff all the way back to the car park!

If you don't hurry up we'll leave you here!
 Of course we wouldn't but they do take their time about getting to the car!

Lunchtime OTL had to go to the carriers, so that means we get to go to The Forest again!

Just foe fun, OTL brought the colour camera and a flashlight. Normally his camera doesn't have a flash light built into the camera, so he has to select one, depending on what he wants to do with it.

Today he wanted to play with 'Fill In Flash'!


So, there he was, under the tree branches, clicking away at the shadowy bits!

When you catch the light at the right angle the trees can look very wrinkly!

A Wrinkly Trunk!
This one is my favourite, there is a funny chris-cross pattern on the trunk, it almost looks like it has been knitted!

Knit a Tree?
It was rather hot all the way around and Holly sat down a couple of times and said that she was going to have a breather! I was on the lookout for squirrels but Holly said there was no way she was chasing anything today!

Chase a Squirrel? You must be joking!
 I will admit, I was looking forward to having a drink when we got back to the car!

Nearly There!
So, tonight we are looking forward to a rest on the sofa and OTL has promised a nibble of shortbread, just a nibble 'cos he says that we must not be greedy!

Us? Greedy? Never!

See you tomorrow Woofers and don't forget to make sure you got enough water in this warm weather!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Bro Brambles!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Visit to the Harrietsham Ferret Resue Centre.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Bro' Brambles here!

The sunshine is back and we hear that it will be getting hotter as the week goes on!

The ferrets get an 'Ice Pack' tucked under one of their cushions when it gets too warm, that way they can choose where to snooze, in bed or on a hammock or on the cushion with the ice pack underneath to keep them cool.

We have noticed that they move around the beds they have, depending on how they feel!

Cool or Wot!

I think that Old Two Legs needs one of them strapped to his head 'cos he keeps forgetting stuff, like this morning, instead of picking up the 'colour' camera, he picked up the Black & White one, so, today we are in Mono!

We got to the car park and came storming out of the car and raced around the corner to see a field full of rabbits!

The only problem was, they were just too fare away and it was just too hot to chase them!

So we didn't!
 Snowflake said that we should all go for a roll on the sea weed 'cos it was still wet and was really cool!

It's really cool in here!
 The ferrets really love the grass path 'cos they ferret around in the grass and spend so much time sniffing for ferret sniffs!

We sat up the end of the path waiting for them. Of course they were not interested in hurrying up 'cos they were having so much fun!

That's it, Just There!
 Holly and I were enjoying a rest in the sun while these two were having fun. In the end Snowflake came bounding up to me and called out, loud enough for Holly to hear........

Yo Sis! Been waiting long?
I could hear Holly going 'Humph! She looks nothing like you!'

Brambles came up and  called out 'Hey Sis, It's me, your Bro Brambles!'

Yo! Bro!
 Holly was running out of Humph's!

Back home there was some freshly cooked chicken which went down a treat!

It was warming up and all of us decided to have a snooze, except OTL and The Missus who were off to the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue to hand over a donation from the ladies at the Allhallows Crop Cardathon!

Roy & Chris who run the rescue were tickled pink and said that it would go to help with the cost of feeding the ferrets and if they needed any vet treatment.

While OTL & TM were there Roy got a telephone call from a lady who had just moved into a house to find there were two ferrets in a cage with a note saying they (the previous owners) couldn't take the ferrets!

Just how horrid some TL can be! Roy said the lady could bring the ferrets along and he would take care of them. Now, there are two more mouths to feed and maybe they might need to see the vet and that all costs money!

Roy, TM and Chris.
 Roy and Chris will be at the Kent County Show (10th -12th July) so, if you are going you can see some ferret racing and meet Roy, Chris and other ferret owners who will be able to tell you all about ferrets!

When OTL  and TM got back, Holly and I grabbed OTL and off we went to The Sea Wall for our (late) midday walk!

As soon as we got there we met up with a little woofer who was louder and woofier than Holly!

It was good that it was on a lead 'cos it wanted to get rough with Holly but he was held back!

Such a Noisy Woofer!
 We had a great time on the beach and in the end we both sat down in the shade of the Sea Wall and watched the Christina sail out to sea. The Christina had been in Chatham Docks for over two years!

A cruise is OK but I'd rather feel the grass under my paws!
 OTL was in a silly mood and said he would take a 'Selfie' just for fun.

We think it is too much sun!
 Back home to a snooze and then we are off to mug OTL 'cos he has found another packet of Shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Bro Brambles!

Sunday, 28 June 2015


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

After yesterdays sunshine we thought that today would be more sunshine but you know what? It rained!

Well, OK, it wasn't much but it did rain!

This morning first thing we were down to the beach as normal but when we got there we found Bryn was on the beach sniffing around!

Both ferrets were in the bag and along came Bryn to say hello but he was getting just too excited about sniffing the ferrets tail!

Come on, let's have a sniff!
 This time however, the ferrets said they were staying put and Bryn could go and sniff his own tail!

No, we're staying here until he's gone!
 In the end he was called back by his owner and both ferrets were out and ferreting about having fun!

While Snowflake was dancing over the sea weed Brambles was digging his very own hole!

I just love digging!
 Back home we had to get everything cleared up before our visitors arrived and when they arrived we gave them a big welcome and then we managed to mug them at lunchtime!

We decided to go down to the beach again later on in the day 'cos Miss Sassy and Tilly wanted to collect some shells and rocks.

We went to the rock pool and found a crab under the rocks and another who didn't make it until the next tide!

A Crab in his kingdom!
 I found Brambles hole and was helping out by digging it a bit deeper when out the corner of my eye I spotted Holly Dog rushing along the beach and heading my way!

I'll give Brambles a hand with his hole!
 Of course, as soon as Holly arrived she was trying to take over the hole!

Come on, I want to help as well!
 Old Two Legs was playing with his camera and of course no one was safe!

First he sneaked up on Miss Tilly.

Miss Tilly
 Then he got close to Miss Sassy.

Miss Sassy in the Mud!
Mrs G, also known as Ogg, (Don't ask, it's too long a story!) was saying she hated having her picture taken, so OTL just had to take her picture!

Ogg to her friends!
 Mr G was more interested in brushing off the little flying bugs that were having fun landing on everyone!

I don't like Bugs!
 So that's our Sunday, loads of fun and visitors as well!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles and .......

Guess who?

Saturday, 27 June 2015

We go Rocking along to The Fete!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a day! We got our instructions to be up early and back early so we can help The Missus set up her Tent at the Village Fete.

So, early we were.

Down in the car park Holly met up with a cyclist who wanted to give her a stroke but as he only had a drink there was no chance!

You never learn!
 Down on the beach we could see rocks! That Old Two Legs was lucky 'cos yesterday Snowflake said she would wee down his neck if she couldn't find a rock to hide behind when she did a wee!

He's a Lucky OTL!
 On the climb up the path Snowflake asked Holly 'Why didn't do a wee on the sea weed Sis?'

I keep telling you, I'm not your Sis!
 Brambles said she didn't have the claws to hang on and dangle her butt over the edge!

Then he calls out, 'Hey Holly Babe, can I be your Bro?'

Brambles ran up behind Snowflake and said 'She wants me for her Bro!'

I'm a Holly Bro!
 That was it, Snowflake jumped on top of him and gave him a really good tickle!

OK Bro, take this!
 Back home we got a bowl of Lambs Heart while OTL went to the fete to set up the tent for TM.

We stayed at home 'cos it was beginning to get a bit warm and doggies and ferrets don't do hot!

It wasn't long before OTL was back, sneezing his tail off!

Lunchtime we had our midday walk and Holly reckons she saw a squirrel, of course, I was dead interested 'cos squirrels are great fun to chase.

However, this squirrel wasn't moving, which was a bit strange!

That didn't stop us from heading towards it at an increasing pace!

You go left and I'll go right, OK?
We dashed up to it and found out that the 'Squirrel' was in fact a big black Poo Bag someone had thrown away rather than putting it in the Poo Bin.

Lazy TL!

It's enough to give a dog a bad name!

Back home Holly and I chilled out in the garden while OTL went to see what there was at the Village Fete.

Certainly there was a load of people there!

Standing in line up for a Burger!
There were some super Model T Ford motors there and of course OTL said he would love to own one!

Model T Ford
 The was some owls on show as well and the Snowy Owl said it was just too hot!
Give me some Snow!
A bit further on he came across a little woman sitting there making some arty stuff!

It's TM the 'Artist'!
 and of course there were the 'Characters' and these two didn't disappoint!

Alby & Doris!
 So, all in all it was a great time. TM got a lot of interest in her 'Masterpieces' and there were loads of people who where interested in the Allhallows Crop, so good publicity!

Tomorrow we got visitors, Tilly and Sassy and family are due for some lunch, so that means we stand a good chance of some serious mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Bro' Brambles.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Time for a Wee?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We have a problem!

You see we got to the beach and the tide was right in, covering all the sea weed and the rocks.

That is the problem!

The ferrets in this house require a rock to wee on and some sea weed to wee on as well and the last few days the ferrets have been rock and sea weedless!

Brambles said that if it happens again he will wee over Old Two Legs, just to show off in style!

There is nowhere to wee in private!
Snowflake threatened to wee on OTL's shirt the next time she climbed onto his shoulder!


Back home we had chicken for breakfast and OTL was busy manufacturing all morning and come lunchtime he said he was off to the carriers.

We beat him to the car and were sitting there when he arrived!

We knew that after the carriers we would be near The Forest! So, that was worth being good for!

OTL was looking for insects and birds and snakes stuff like that, Holly and I were looking for squirrels!

Is That a Squirrel?
 Holly was sitting on the bench with OTL and decided that the  'Squirrel' was really a Blackbird digging for grubs to feed the chicks!

Nah! It's a Blackbird!
 OTL was busy running up and down the bushes searching for insects but all he could find was a single Bluebottle type of fly!

What was worse, the fly kept on moving about, so now we have a 'Fuzzy Fly'!

No I won't sit still!
 It was hot in the forest but it was good to have a change for our lunchtime stroll and of course, there was always the chance of seeing a squirrel instead of those pesky rabbits!

So that was our day really, not very exciting but warm and sunny which is better than being cold and wet.

Mind you, OTL could end up being wet and soggy if the tide is in tomorrow and we know who will be doing the weeing!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Loads a Wabbits and Water and Bugs!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It's been another hot day and busy, busy, busy!

Old Two Legs had to go out this morning on a 'Collection and Delivery Run' and that means he had to get up earlier than normal!

We didn't mind really, 'cos it means we get down the beach early and catch out the Wabbits who are just starting their breakfast when we come charging over the hill!

Munchy, Munchy, Chomp, Chomp!
 Well, I put on a show and left Holly behind!

Me doing a Bunny Wabbit Charge!
 You know, there were so many that we got all confused and in the end we lost them all!

Another one gets away!
 Even on our way around the corner there was one sitting in the middle of the path and we managed to loose that one as well!

Down on the beach, the tide was right in and the ferrets didn't have a rock or lump of sea weed to wee over!

OTL was trying to get all artistic over the morning sun on the water, Holly said he should have used the Yellow Filter!

OTL doing the artistic bit again!
Mr Brambles was a bit put out that there was no rocks to wee over and while he was having a wee on the sand, a wave rushed in and soaked his paws!

Yikes, that's wet!
Back home we enjoyed a mornings snoozing while OTL went off to do his stuff.

Then we got a telephone call from him, he had stopped off at the Pets R Us store and wanted to know if we were in need of anything!

Soppy OTL! We needed loads of stuff! Chews, Teeth Cleaning stuff, Chicken Fillets, Doggy Scoff, Treats, well, the list went on for ages!

When he got back home, he got mugged!

Lunch time I was all for chasing those Wabbits again but to be honest, it was just too hot! Mind you, I heard Holly trying to get OTL to creep off and leave me on my own while I was sniffing for those Bunnies.

OTL said he was too hot to bother, but it was a good idea we could try when it cools down!

I'm going to be watching those two in future!

Lets run away when she's not looking!
So, instead of running away, OTL went off in search of more bugs and came across some green bugs on a plant where he normally finds Soldier Beatles.

And today there are Green Bugs!
 Now it was our turn, while he was clicking away we crept under the bench and had a rest in the shade!

A Little Rest Please!
 Back home and we left him to carry on working, he has had a load of cable delivered, so that means he will be 'Manufacturing' tomorrow!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.