Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Bit Better Today.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, it was not so windy this morning, just a gentle force eight breeze! We got to The Beach and both Holly and I decided we would stay out of the water today!

Mind you, Holly says that every day!

No, I Ain't Going in Either!
I found a tennis ball on the beach but it was all wet and soggy and it tasted a bit yuk, so I left it for the sun to dry out and if it's still there at lunch time, we may have a game!

With the sun shining on the water, Old Two Legs tried to get all 'Arty' again, looks just like waves to me!

Another Incoming Tide
Miss Snowflake found a wooden post on the beach and reckoned that she could make a good surf board out of it but when she tried to turn it over to inspect the underside, she couldn't roll it!

In the end she just flopped onto the post and said it made a good place to sun bathe!
No, I can't shift it!
 It's amazing just how the waves can be pushed up the beach when there is an 'On Shore Wind' blowing. Just imagine what it would be like in mid Winter and a Howling Gale blowing in off the sea!

The last time that happened all of the shingle on the beach was moved back up the beach and onto the Sea Wall, and they still haven't shovelled it back down the beach yet!

It's an On Shore Breeze!
Now, what's all this about Archie Babe getting seeds in his coat? It's a bit much and definitely an 'Over Kill' to ship him off to the Parlour just to get a brush!

We are off to the Parlour tomorrow for our Shampoo & Set and all the stuff they do, mind you, we haven't got any seeds growing on us!

We spent the morning snoozing, after our Lamb Dinner, and we even let OTL go out delivering on his own!

Mind you, it was comfortable on our cushions and under the desk!

A Soft Cushion, Holly's Chew and a snooze!

Lunchtime it was back down to The Beach and you know what? We found a tennis ball on the beach!

OTL did his best to throw it for us, well, me really 'cos Holly doesn't do balls!

Ball Chasing!
 When we got to our beach I was a bit warm and wanted to have a lay down in the water but the tide was out and all I found was a muddy pool, OTL ordered me out of that as well!

But it's Soooo Cooool!
 We had some more running but when we got to the bench we all had a rest, I was under the bench, OTL was sitting on the seat and Holly was on top watching the world go by!

and there's another ship!
 Back home it was a nibble and a snooze!

The Missus is off out tonight going to some local crop so we have OTL to ourselves to mug rotten!

We will be out early tomorrow 'cos of our appointment with the lady and her hair cutting tools!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Yuk, soggy balls are a bit of a turn off. Holly makes me laugh saying she doesn't feel like a swim either. That was some big piece of wood Snowflake found, I doubt even if Mr Brambles helped her they'd be able to turn it over. Sounds like you had a super brekkie this morning. I agree with you Daisy, I think it's a bit harsh sending me to the parlour just because I got lots of seeds, it's my mums fault if she had to cut some out and I'm all shaggy, she should cut better. I'm going on Monday morning, not looking forward to it, the last time I went they tried to drown me. I hope you have a nice lady hairdresser that doesn't try to drown you. You must have been well cosy to let OTL go out without you. Glad the tennis ball had dried out for this afternoon, wot's with these TL's not letting us play in mud, I mean you're going hairdressers tomorrow, don't they understand that we need to get down and dirty sometimes. Hope your TM enjoys her night out and that OTL has lots of goodies for you to mug. Enjoy yourselves and get a good snooze tonight, you'll need it to wriggle from that hairdresser tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little (still seedy) Arch xxxx

  2. Another good day by the sounds of it, the "bit" of wood looks a "bit" too big for Snowflake tell her to stick to matchsticks in future. We didn't have quite a force eight breeze, I think you are exaggerating a wee bit but you are allowed poetic licence when writing your diary. This afternoon we went to Captstone Park and around the time the little TL's leave school it got breezy so we had a cuppa until the coast was clear and we could go home without all the traffic. Don't see why you couldn't play in the mud, afterall tomorrow you visit the poodle parlour so you may as well give them a proper job to do! Must tell you that I like looking at OTL's pictures, they add to your story and I hope you manage to mug some nice nibbles when you are left to fend for yourselves again, being left in charge of OTL and the furries is a big responsibility for two little four legs. xxxx