Tuesday, 16 June 2015

We got a Strange Bird in our garden!

Hi Woofers,

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

It has been a lazy sort of day today, we got up late, well, The Missus did and so did us woofers, but Old Two Legs was up at six 'cos the bright light between the gap in the curtain was shining in his eyes and once he is awake, that's it, he has to get up!

Early up means we get out early for the morning walk and so, we were down the car park before the rabbits had gone back to bed!

Holly and the ferrets were more interested in having a wee but I spotted those Pesky Wabbits and just sat there trying to work out a strategy  to have some Wabbit Stew tonight.

Just Watching The Wabbits!
It was going well until OTL came and scared the Wabbits off!

Down on The Beach, Miss Snowflake was up to her normal thing of trying to find the best place for a wee. I mean, it's not that hard, ask Holly and she says that when she feels like it, she goes!

It just has to be the right spot you know!
 Now, there I was, watching the Wabbits and because OTL had to shoo me along the path, those other woofers have been poking fun at me, so, I thought I'd get my own back!

So, I shouted out, 'Look! Rabbits, Loads of Them!'

Wot Wabbits? Where?
I had all three of them running around in circles! All of them saying they saw a Wabbit!

OK, These Bozo's are so easily fooled!
I was almost laughing my tail off! Brambles got so confused that he rolled over three times!

Back home to a good warm bowl of chicken and some lovely greasy skin!

That of course leads to a Super Snooze!

Lunchtime back on the beach I found a plank of wood that I said would make a good throwing stick but he said it would give me splinters in my mouth, so I had to put it down!

Splinters! Yuk!
I decided that it would be safe to swim off the beach but OTL said that the waves were too rough, so I ended up with a paddle instead!

Honest, it was only a paddle!
As we headed back to the car park we came across a couple of Two Legs who were looking at the plants and then looking at a book, it looked like wot OTL does when he gets home, look at picture, look at book, look at picture, look at book!

OK, Get your food out!
We had a sniff but there was no sign of food, so, that's it, no food, no strokes!

So, now we are waiting to see what OTL has for dinner tonight, maybe we will be lucky!

Now, yesterday TM came back from the Plant Place with a few pots of plants and a bird.

A Bird?

Yes, a Metal Bird!

OTL was given the job of locating it in a suitable place.

So, where to stick it? There is only one place really.

Home by The Pond looking for Trev!
Wot? The birds name?

Mr Steel of course!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

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  1. Daisy, tell OTL to wear one of them eye cover thingys ......... my mum has one so the sun don't shine in her eyes too early in the morning. What a shame you missed out on all those bunnies this morning, tell OTL he has to creep round quietly when there's good hunting in the offing. Holly, Snowflake and Brambles look really funny looking out for the rabbits, I love the photo of you laughing at them. I bet your bowl of chicken went down well, I like a snooze after my brekkie too, it does tire you out, eating a good brekkie. Wow, I like the look of your stick, are you sure you'd get splinters or was OTL just saying that cos he hasn't got the strength to throw it? It's good that you got a little dip even if you couldn't have a swim, the weather is getting much warmer. So, if them 2 old dears didn't have any food, what did they have in them bags? I think they're a pair of sneakys trying to keep their grub to themselves. I like the look of Mr Steel, I can have some fun with him when I come visiting ......... my mum has got 3 rabbits and a frog in our garden but they don't do much except fall over when I knock them with my football. My boy had to go to the doctors again today, so I got left home alone and I wasn't happy about it! He came back with a bag of goodies from the doctor but he won't share with me, I think that's a bit mean ....... no cuddles for him later. Hope there's something tastey for tea tonight and you get some muggings. I suppose I better go and give my boy another chance and give him a little cuddle seeing as he's poorly. Looking forward to your adventures tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx