Friday, 17 July 2015

Brambles Birthday Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Bro Brambles,
Happy Birthday to You!

Brambles is around 6-7 years old this year and he came to live with us two years ago today!

So, we decided that the 17th July is his birthday!

He got loads of treats, his Malt Paste Ferret Bits of which he made a bit of a pig of himself!

Then he got to have first dip into the Doggy Biscuits, which he just loves!

And of course, he got first licks of the Ferretone and a cuddle with Old Two Legs!

I Love Cuddles!
Then he gets and extra 'Birthday' slurp of Ferretone, after which he rolls onto his back and stretches out on OTL's lap and licks his chops while OTL tickles his tummy!

Oh! This is Fun!
 Down on the beach, the lads all stopped and sang 'Happy Birthday' to Brambles!

'Happy Birthday Toooooooo Yoooooo!'
On the beach we thought we had come across a Big Monster, so Holly and I went off to woof it away from the ferrets.

Snowflake stayed behind her favourite rock and watched us do 'The Business'!

Just look at those Brave Woofers!
As we got closer to The Monster we saw it was three balloons tied together and the wind was blowing the balloons along the beach towards us!

Well, it looked like a Monster!
Bro Brambles said we were 'Brave Woofers' for going off to sort out the 'Monster', even if they were nothing but gas!

Bramble found his rock that Holly tried to bury yesterday and he had fun digging out again!

Up you come my beauty!
Now, we had sort of arranged for a 'Meeting' between Brambles, Snowflake and Miss April and Miss May.

We were about to set off when we got a phone call to say that April and May had come into season and a meeting would not be a 'True' meeting.

OTL said that if we put Brambles in the cage with them he would get the best Birthday Present ever! Miss Snowflake would possibly get the brush off!

So, after talking for a while it was agreed that the ferrets would be sent off to the vet to be 'Done', like wot Snowflake and Holly and I have been!

It will stop any problems in the future!

So, into the vets next week and then a two or three week recovery period and then it will be visiting time, around mid August!

OTL has ordered up the bits to put another level onto Snowy Heights to make it into a three level tower!

The top floor will be a sort of 'Games Room' and a 'Bolt Hole' for any ferret who wants some peace and quiet!

So, that's it for now, The Missus is out all weekend doing crops and Master Classes and we will have fun with OTL!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Happy birthday little Bro, I see you've had a good one. Do you think someone put those balloons on the beach for you as it's your birthday? Good to see the boys singing to little Bro and you and Holly are very brave to check out the balloons just in case they woz a monster. I bet Miss Snowflake gave him extra licks this morning. Shame about Miss April and Miss May, Bro really would have had an extra special present. Sounds like he's had enough pressies today already though. Now I like the sound of this games room coming for Snowy Towers, when is OTL going to get one for you and Holly? Lovely pictures of you all today. I expect your TM will be getting up early this weekend with all her glue flinging and things, you might want to get ear plugs so you don't hear her. I bet she'll be tired and in need of extra licks by the time she finishes. I got good muggings again this morning, I called in at the sweet shop to see Brenda and mugged her for a sweet, I love all my girlfriends, they're so easy to mug. I put on the starving woofer act, look at them with my puppy dog eyes and they're like putty in my hands. Anyways, if you're having a party for Bro tonight there should be good muggings for you. Enjoy your evening all, looking forward to tomorrows adventures, love, licks and wags from little (crafty) Arch xxxx

  2. Shame about Miss April and Miss May but hope they all get together soon x

    Hope Miss Snowflake's nose doesn't get put out of joint xxx

  3. Shame about Miss April and Miss May but hope they all get together soon x

    Hope Miss Snowflake's nose doesn't get put out of joint xxx

  4. Daisy can you please say, Happy birthday to Mr Brambles from Izzy and Hamish. He sure had a fun time on the beach with them monster balloons and how lovely that your friends sang Happy Birthday to him too. I like the sound of Ferret Towers. I think that all the ferrets will be very happy there but what a shame that the "meeting" couldn't happen today. OTL was very cheeky saying that Mr Brambles would get the best present ever.
    Wags and Woolfest from Izzy xx

  5. Happy Birthday Mr Brambles, sorry it's a day late! Hope it was a good one xx

  6. Belated "Happy Birthday" to Mr Brambles, wonder you didn't have a party with all your doggy friends. Probably they would have wanted to share the biscuits and his nibbles so I suppose he is not silly having the treats all to himself. He looks very contented and lovely and King of the Castle looking, when you get the loft conversion he will stay on the top floor and look down on everyone. x
    You were very brave to fight off that monster because you didn't know it was just balloons heading your way, well done for guarding OTL. xxxx