Monday, 20 July 2015

Cloudy Monday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a change in the weather, this morning was a little damp but not too wet.

We went out this morning with the ferrets and Old Two Legs and while everyone charging about Miss Snowflake found some old clothing that a TL had left in the rock pool.

Come on, a few washes in that machine and it'll be OK for OTL!
After some discussion with OTL it was decided to leave it there and see if the sea would wash it first!

Along came that Bozo who we always bark at but he never acknowledges us 'cos he is in love with his ball.

However, today he came along and spotted the ferrets. ' What are they?' He said, then he dropped his ball! 'Well, look at the Long Wheel Base Rats!'

That was just too much for Holly. 'Hey Bozo!' says Holly, 'You're talking about my Bro and Sis, watch it or I'll take your ball and shove it up your tail!'

That was it, Bozo dropped his ball and it rolled off the wall and landed at OTL's feet!

OTL picked it up and threw it along the Sea Wall. Bozo Woofer forgot about the ferrets and off he went!

Clever or wot!

Of course, Brambles just had to open his mouth!

'Hey Sis!' he calls out 'Thanks for looking after your Bro & Sis!'

All Holly said was ..................'Shut Up!'

We headed back for home and Brambles was calling out to Holly......'Who do you love the best, me or her Sis?'

Holly would only say...............................'Shut Up!'

Brambles said he felt a tickling under his tail and asked me if I could see anything crawling around his tail. I had a look but there was nothing there.

No, can't see anything there!
 Snowflake came up and gave me a kiss saying that I was very brave getting that close to his Butt!

If you want I'll clear ears out as well!
 Back home there was Lambs Heart waiting for us and our snooze beds were calling as well!

Lunchtime OTL was clicking away at the Soldier Beetles on the flowers, you know, they only come up to the flowers to mate but spend the rest of the year on the ground!

I'm getting tired of all this!
After the walk we headed off to do some deliveries and Holly and I had fun sticking our head out of the window and blowing raspberries at all the other cars, especially when we're waiting at the traffic lights!

So, no swimming today so I stayed as dry as Archie Babe and Sis Holly!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Did you find out wot sort of clothes that was in the rock pool? That bozo is a bit daft, he's well outnumbered by you lot. I hope little Bro and Sis had their ears closed when Holly told him where she'd put his ball, no wonder he dropped it. You are good to little Bro, checking out his little butt. Nice of Snowflake to give you a kiss for sorting it, I'm sure that she knows a little secret about his butt and prefers someone else to sort his butt out. Blowing raspberries at other cars is a good game. Shame you couldn't get a dip in today. Loved all the pictures today. Hope there's good muggings later. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Lovely pictures today, so pleased that OTL has his camera equipment all under control and the little furries have you two just where they want them. Poor dog, dropped his ball, it will be a long time before he darkens your shores again. An added bonus of OTL having deliveries is being able to blow raspberries at the cars just be careful that the drivers don't throw squashed tomatoes at you for your trouble! See you tomorrow for your tales, xxxx