Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Someone Nicked The Water!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

It been a super sunny day today, this morning was great, we saw Bailey the old Long Haired Labrador who says he is 'Over One Hundred'! 

He reckons it is too warm for him especially with all his hair and he said he wished he could go in for a swim but didn't think he was fit enough to go splashing about like he used to!

We did our 'Rabbit Hunt' first thing but the rabbits were heading back to the burrows for an after breakfast snooze.

This is no good, they've gone!
Down on the beach Miss Snowflake was having trouble working out why her rock had shrunk!

Brambles says I've been wee'ing on it too much!
 What Brambles didn't tell her was that he had thrown sand all over her rock so it couldn't be seen properly!

Let's see her find it now!
 Feeling somewhat cheated of a good wee, Snowflake came over to help me dig a hole in the sand.

Mind you, she can't shift as much as I can but in the end I had to let her have a go!

Come on, it's my turn now!
Needless to say, once she got in the hole, she wouldn't let me back in again! I left her to it and wandered off down the beach.

Bro Brambles came up and said that Snowflake wouldn't let him, I told him about I was kicked out as well!

She won't let me in either!
 I decided to play a trick on Old Two Legs. First I made him stand still and close his eyes, then I walked up the beach and told him to get ready with the camera.

Then I ran down the beach and jumped up and woofed 'NOW'!

Daisy jumping over OTL!
 Up the grass path Snowflake and I were having a ferret around when something moved in the grass. We didn't see what it was and because OTL had Snowflake on a lead and she was in the way!

Well I reckon it's a snake with legs on!
 Brambles decided not to bother chasing anything as it was too warm for running about! So, while Snowflake and I were investigating, Brambles did what he does best, he just rolled onto his side to catch a few more rays!

Wake me up when your finished!
 We didn't find any snakes or mouses or lizards, so we headed back to the car and home for a bowl of Doggy Scoff!

OTL went back to manufacturing while us Woofers stood guard by the food cupboard, just in case something fell out while OTL wasn't looking!

Mind you, we got plans for OTL's dinner tonight!

We had to go out walking at lunchtime with The Missus as OTL was out working.

When we got down to the Sea Wall I ran straight down the beach to the water.

Only problem was.....................No Water!

I mean, nothing, not even a puddle to roll in!

I stood there looking to the left and then to the right and then out to the horizon but there was nothing!¬

I was not a Happy Puppy!

Holly didn't care 'cos she 'Doesn't Do Water'...................But I Do!

Well, you can't win them all!

Maybe tomorrow!

See you!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Miss Snowflake has had a well bossy day today, has she been having lessons from your TM? I wonder if it was a slimey monster in the grass that had escaped from the rock pools? I don't blame little Bro for rolling over and leaving it to you girls to sort out. Yuk, yuk, yuk, tell your TM doggie scoff is banned. I hope you get some decent muggings from OTL tonight. I wonder who pinched your sea? That's not on!
    I hope they bring it back tomorrow otherwise you'll have to call the police with their search woofers. We've had a very noisy day today, me and my mum are not happy, next door has employed some pikey people to do her drive and the noise was deafening, neither me or my mum could have our siesta today. We're both worn out without our naps. It's my boys birthday today so I should manage a small mugging or two, here's hoping anyways. Have a good evening all, looking forward to hearing your news tomorrow, love, licks and wags from little (tired) Arch xxxx

  2. I hope you solve the mystery of "Where the Water Has Gone" while Snowflake has her own mystery of "How the Rock Shrank". The hole digging competition is really under way now, who can dig the biggest and best hole in the shortest time? I hope that OTL gets some super duper dinner after his day of toil then you two can have a share. I hope you are storing up your biscuits for when you have four little furries all liking the idea of being little woofers. Perhaps Miss S is practising for when she becomes the chief harem ferret, she is going to have to promote her authority over these new little ones or they will gang up on her and take over. Waiting for tomorrow to find out if you have solved the mysteries. xxxx