Sunday, 12 July 2015

We let OTL out on his own!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Not so hot today and there was a rain forecast so we were up early to get down to the beach before it got too wet!

Miss Snowflake was out on the Sea Weed having a sniff and a wee before heading back to the beach.

Just Sniff the Muddy Sea Weed!
 Of course, back on the beach, Snowflake decided that what she really wanted was a carry until we got to the grass path!

Come on, just a little carry?
 So, Miss Snowflake got picked up while we waited for Mr Brambles to have some fun playing with some dried sea weed.

I just Love a good Exfoliate!
 Snowflake said Brambles was a 'Total Embarrassment' !

I just can't take you anywhere!
 Back home we had some lambs heart waiting and after Old Two Legs had cleaned out the ferret cage we said Bye Bye to him 'cos we had agreed that he could go and do some photography on his own.

We have had a look at the pictures and we think they tell their own tale!

Where did he go first?

The Ferret Stand!

Ferret Racing to raise some funds!
 In the tent there were owners ready tell everyone about their ferrets and even let you handle them!

First Ferret Stroke!
 The racing was fun and was enjoyed by the crowd and the ferret!

Am I first?
 Of course, there is always one winner and it was the owners who seemed to more excited than the ferrets!

We Won!
 There were several races, singles and double ferrets down the same tube and even 'Reverse Track' which was also great fun!

That was Fun!
 The winners were put back in the cages to allow others a chance of winning, and of course, the owner had a bigger grin on their face than the ferret!

We Won! We Won!
 Then the ferret got shown to the crowd and even got some strokes as a reward!

Another first stroke!
 Roy was happy talking 'Ferret' to all who came into the tent!

............and of course, plenty of water!
The ferrets seemed to really enjoy being picked up and having their tummy tickled!

It's a hard life being cuddled!
OTL also had words about the two year old Jills that were up for adoption and on Friday OTL spent a long time 'Chatting' to them!

We think that OTL has fallen for them and subject to satisfactory introductions, we look like having to enlarging the ferret house, 'Snowy Towers' to a three level establishment!

More news when it comes!

OTL then went off to see what he could see, and photograph.

The Galloper's round a bout was all pretty with the lights on and if it was a bit darker he could have had some fun with blurring the lights!

But it wasn't, so he didn't!

 Then OTL spotted a water bowl that he said had been set out, just for us!

Designed for Woofers!
 Old Two Legs risked all and headed into the Horticultural Tent to photograph flowers and Bonsai trees!

Now this one was good, like, can you see the Dragon?

Can you see it now?
 We just loved the side shows and OTL found one where there were a couple dancing to music that had words to it about there being 'Nobody here but us Chickens!'

Get out your Chickens!

So, that was it, back home to get ready for Monday and enjoy a last slurp of Single Malt with a nibble of Shortbread.

We of course will help him with the Shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad you all had some fun on the beach this morning, poor bro he's always getting told off. Miss Snowflake looks to be enjoying her sniff of the seaweed. You are kind to let OTL have a day off. Did you give your TM a day off as well, she deserved one after yesterday. OTL sure took lots of pictures, looks like he had a fun day. Now, are we surprised he went over to the ferrets first, nope. So, when will the introductions be taking place I wonder, I'll be keeping an eye out. Goodness they looked funny chickens dancing. I reckon OTL must be quite tired after his exciting day. I must admit me and my mum have had a nice quiet lazy day today. I'm not quite over that lovely sea air and all that flirting I did yesterday. Escorting 2 ladies is hard work you know. Enjoy your evening all and any muggings that come your way. I'm just getting ready to do my mugging here then it will be an after mug snooze followed closely by a pre bed snooze. Love, licks and wags to my favourite Godwin family, little (missing you all) Arch xxxx

  2. That was a busy day. Hope all goes ok with the introductions. It was lovely seeing Mr Bramble enjoying his seaweed wrap, disappointed that Snowflake did not appreciate the effort to look nice for her lol xx

  3. The beach looks back to normal today with a weeing rock for Snowflake and something for Mr B to play with, just wait until his home is extended and a load of women move in! OTL practiced with his camera at the Country Show, plenty of ferrets, that's a surprise and lots of colour. He deserved a single malt and shortbread after his outing but did he have bambi burgers this year? Love the Bonsai tree, so perfect and so tiny, very nice. Glad you made it back before the rains came, Wimbledon wasn't held back for too long, I bet I know where TM was this afternoon. As for me, I wanted one to win and knew the other one would beat him and I was right. Looks like I shall be needing to finish my comment with six kisses sometime soon. xxxx