Sunday, 2 August 2015

Honest, we didn't do a thing!

Hi Woofers!

It's us, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a day today! It has been sunny and warm and I even got a swim as well.

However, as we were heading towards the Car Park, we have to pass the Grain Power Station which is in the process of being dis-mantled. Ahead of us, on the left hand side, in the lay-by, there were loads of Two Legs standing there with cameras and IPlods and Telephones, and they were all looking at the Power Station.

As we passed we looked over to the Power Station just in time to see the right hand side of the building come crashing to the ground!

It was there a moment ago!
 'OK', says Old Two Legs, 'Who did that?' ........ 'Come on, put your paw up, Who Did It?'

'Honest' we said, 'We didn't touch it!'

OTL stopped the car just by the Fire Station and took another picture of the Power Station!

Just look at that dust cloud!
Holly wanted to know when they are going to blow up the chimney!

Even The Lads heard the noise!
We all had a good game on the beach and both ferrets dug holes while 'Looking for Treasure'!

Back home to a Chicken Breakfast and afterwards a snooze!

Holly was sitting in the garden watching the fountains in the pond and keeping an eye open for Trev The Frog, but, so far, nothing!

Lunchtime we were down just as the tide reached it's maximum and the wind was a little breezy!

So, that means the fishermen were out catching nothing, as usual!

Nothing, as normal!
 I went in for a swim and a game of 'Fetch the Stick' but it was too blowy and the waves were too big for a little puppy like wot I am!

Swimming or Surfing?
OTL hid the stick so we could find it the next time we are down there. We then headed off back home.

There were very few insects 'cos the wind was blowing them all over the place!

OTL spotted a Large White male butterfly together with a female who were 'Making Caterpillars'!

Mr & Mrs Large White
As we got closer to the car park, Holly came across a family who had just finished lunch, and, they still had some food left!

They got Food! Can I mug them?
OTL said that she couldn't keep mugging the tourists 'cos she will get a bad name!

We finished the afternoon off by nibbling on a chew we had and then a snooze before OTL gets his dinner and we go into 'Mugging Mode'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. We've had a very lazy day, we went on an early morning wander, not many TL's around and no woofers. I went back and had a snooze while my mum went and shopped. It's been a lovely sunny day.
    Now You're famous for writing your diary so Holly could be famous for mugging tourists, as long as she shares with you. Did Miss Snowflake and Mr Bro find any treasure? Are you sure that it wasn't one of Bro's raspberries that brought down that thing? Looks like the boys were very happy to see you and Holly. It does look like you're surfing today, perhaps OTL should make you a little surf board. Lovely pictures today, enjoy your muggings girls and carry on having a lazy day like wot I am. Going out for my evening walk about 8ish tonight when it's a bit cooler, until then I have a couple of things planned, mugging and snoozing. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. We saw that people in Allhallows were worried about an explosion and clouds of smoke early this morning, we read it on that Book of Faces thingy but some better informed people reported that it was a controlled explosion and the smoke was really dust. Actually Michael knew about it but as we were in Appledore he couldn't come and photograph it, he is waiting for the chimney to be blown down, or up, depending on how you look at it. Fancy anyone trying to pin that on you, as if you would blow down a power station! The weather has been lovely, the Operation Stuck made us go around a longer way on Friday to Appledore but we could come home on the Motorway because "Stuck" was off. Hope you get some swimming in tomorrow and get a chance to play with that stick and perhaps you will find some mini TL's happy to share a nice morsel with you. Looks like TM is going shopping for a new laptop, don't let her pin the dropping of the old one onto you and I hope she doesn't stop your pocket money to help pay for it. xxxx