Thursday, 27 August 2015

OMG OTL has got himself a Laphroaig Beanie hat!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here again!

Just what has happened to the summer? I mean, Bank Holiday is arriving and Old Two Legs is digging out his 'Wet Weather Gear'!

We had a super evening, we watched two episodes of The Hobbit and we cheered and booed all the way through! OTL shared his shortbread with us and Holly let him have a chew of her Teeth Cleaning Chew!

I hid my chew under our cushions in the bedroom so it was only Holly's that he got to nibble!

This morning was all damp and grey and you know what? We didn't see another woofer at all!

Maybe they have gone away on holiday.

We all had a run around on the beach and  dug a few holes. OTL got out the red rubber bone I normally play fetch with when the tide in in. He threw it down the beach and instead of bringing it back, I dug a hole and buried it!

A Safe Place to keep it!
Well, what do you think I am, a Bozo Labrador that fetches?

Mr Brambles tried a run along The Wall of Death but fell off and rolled down the beach!

Just Watch this run!
 It was so funny watching him fall over that I was rolling on my back and laughing!

Well, really, I'd found this super sniff and needed an excuse to roll on the ground!

Oh! That is So Funny!
As we got close to the car park, the ferrets found some fungi that had grown during the night and Snowflake cracked a funny!

Any more and there wont be Mushroom to move!
As Holly said, 'Oh Yes, Very Droll!'

Back home to a hot bowl of chicken, cooked with a slosh of Virgin Olive Oil!

We know how to live!

OTL has been busy manufacturing so we left him alone until lunchtime when Holly and I woofed at him and the Page Three Girls kicked their Poo Pot around to get his attention..................It's Walkies Time!

We got to the beach and the tide was right in! That was it! OTL got the rubber bone out and I had a great time sploshing about.

There were no waves so we had nothing to worry about!

As flat as a mill pond!
Miss April got all excited and rushed down to the waters edge but didn't realise that the water was lapping onto the shore. So, she was just thinking about a wee when a small wave rushed in an wet her butt!

What the devil was that!
Mind you, it didn't stop her from having a game of Bulldozers in the sand, she dug her nose in and ploughed up the beach in fine fashion!

Brrrrm! Brrrm!
I joined in and helped her by playing at being a Steam Roller, but really I just fancied a roll in the sand!

Holly on the other paw looked down and called us all 'Soppy'!

Did we care?

I'm a Steam Roller!
 On the way back, up on the top path Miss May had great fun digging up the path saying that she could hear rabbits underneath. The only problem was, she didn't know how deep!

There be rabbits down here!
 We got home to find a parcel waiting for OTL, so, up to the office to open it up and guess what?

It was a Beanie hat that he had ordered from his favourite distillery!

He says that when we are on holiday he can wear it when he takes us out, if it's too windy for his normal hat!

We are not too sure that we would want to be seen with him in that hat!

A Bozo in a Beanie Hat!
 We are off to see what he is cooking up tonight and then afterwards we will get the shortbread out and enjoy one last night of crumbs and sing songs before The Missus gets home tomorrow.

I hope it's not too early, there is a lot of crumbs and biscuits to clear up, and then there is the washing up, but that's another story!

Bye Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.

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  1. I've been laughing my paws off at your blog today Daisy. What a good excuse for a sneaky roll in a sniff, pretending to laugh at Mr Brambles. I hope it was a good ripe sniff. I liked Miss Snowflakes joke. How nice of Holly to share he chew with OTL, what a good girl she is, but you're a sensible girl, hiding your one. Did Miss April get a shock when that cold wet wave caught her butt? She's doing some good digging. Didn't Miss May have a dig on the path to try and see how far down the bunnies were? Love the bozo in the beanie look. Enjoy your last night of partying. It'll be all paws to the wheel tomorrow, getting things straight for the return of your TM. I bet you'll all be glad to see her home. Enjoy your muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx