Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thunder Lightning and Mini TL's with Food to Mug!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May!

We had planned to have a picnic on the beach with some of the grandchildren and children but the storms put paid to that, so, we had a picnic on the carpet instead!

But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.   

Last night we had a peaceful night, no fights, no Farts!  Miss May saved those up for the morning!

A Ferret, being related to the skunk, has a gland that they can eject a terrible stink when in fear of something that might hurt or eat them!

Old Two Legs is blessed with rotten sense of smell, so he's not too troubled by the sniff!

A Ferret, as well as  farting can also Fear Poo as well! Combine the two and you have got a powerful weapon!

As soon as the ferrets got out of the cage this morning, Brambles and Snowflake headed for the milk but May decided to have a run around to office, exploring the places she missed yesterday!

After that we headed off to the beach, leaving Miss May behind 'cos OTL says she has got to stay in until her injection 'kicks in'!

As normal, all the rabbits had gone back to bed so we didn't get a chance to have some 'Rabbit Races'!

Long Gone Rabbits!
We got a shock when we arrived, Snowflake found a rock pool where she said that a Mighty Battle had taken place!

There were dead crabs all over the place, arms and legs everywhere!

A Big Battle!
Holly says that they had been fighting over possession of the Rock Pool and Brambles reckons it is not worth all that fighting 'cos the tide was on it's way back and they could have the whole sea if they wanted!

Back home we had just enough time to eat our chicken breakfast before the gang started to arrive. There was Zoe and Paul, then Ethan and Finley and Megan. A bit later Jane and Ian and Leo and Chris turned up. We were also hoping that Andrea, Paul, Sassy and Tilly would arrive but Sassy wasn't feeling too well so they couldn't come.

They all said Hello to the ferrets and gave them all a stroke and some ferret nibbles. Then OTL loaned them a camera and the whole day was photographed by Finley, Ethan and Megan!

It's a Selfie!
 OTL kept on getting in the picture 'cos he is a show off!

It's an OTL Woofer!
 Leo and Chris kept pulling funny faces, so we decided to put their picture on today's blog!

Leo being Rude!
 Of course, seeing that, Megan decided to join in the game of 'Stick Your Tongue Out'!

A Megan Rhubarb!
Holly said that she just couldn't get to sleep after her breakfast because of the noise, everyone talking at the same time!

So Holly and I headed back to the bedroom for a quiet snooze!

A Dog can't think with all this noise!
 Now just because it was OTL's camera, he kept on getting in the shots!

We did have a lot of The Missus showing off her crafty stuff but she wouldn't let us put her picture on here, so you are stuck with OTL again!

That TL gets everywhere!
It wasn't until seven thirty that the last ones left to go home, so sorry for the late blog!

Let's hope the rain eases off and the sun shine comes back tomorrow!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May!


  1. Well it seems you had a very busy day. I bet those little TL's were lots of fun and no doubt you got lots of muggings from them. I hope there were no ferret jam tarts while you had visitors. Shame about the picnic but I bet it was even nice in doors and so much easier to mug. Well done to all the photographers today, what lovely pictures, shame your TM wouldn't let you put a picture of her on here. I do like mini TL's, they like to play lots. I tried to sneak out with my boy this morning, usually I'm happy to wait in the living room but as soon as he opened the door to get in his taxi, I tried to sneak thru with him, my mum had to pick me up. We've had lots of rain but no thunder today. I bet you'll sleep well tonight. I know I'm going to bed soon as my mum says she will be getting up early to go to work so I'll be home alone. Enjoy the rest of your evening, looking forward to your adventures tomorrow, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. It's nice to see some photos of OTL today. I like mini TL'S but when I give excited woofs they tend to run away when all I'm saying is "come play with me."
    I didn't have a good morning as my TL took me to the vets for my jabs and a horrible squirt up my nose. It's so that I don't get a nasty cough from all the woofers that come here on holiday and walk down my lane. Apparently Hamish caught it before I was born so my mum's not taking any chances. Then the vet lady says that they have a new brand of vaccination so I'll have to go back in four weeks for a top up. Flaming cheek! Then we bought toothpaste and workers and my Dad TL got upset like your OTL when he had to put his plastic ticket in the machine. It must be a very sad thing to do because he always gets upset! Hope the weather is nicer tomorrow for you; we've had two lovely sunny days for a change but it's pouring with rain now so mum had to push me out the back door for my night time wee. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Woofs from Izzy xx

    1. My dad didn't buy workers; he bought wormers but the silly phone keeps changing it. It just changed it again three times but I've won the battle this time. Xx

  3. Lovely blog again Daisy and thx for the ferret biology lesson :-) I do hope that these new girls settle in soon and there's no need for any fear things of any kind x