Monday, 21 September 2015

Thanks to you all!

Hello Woofers.

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here again.

First of all, a big loving thank you for all the kind words about Mr Brambles on here and on The Missus's FB page. He will certainly be missed by us all. He wasn't with us all his life but we are sure he enjoyed his time with us and we most certainly enjoyed his company. He was always first to the food bowl and the Ferretone and he certainly enjoyed our biscuits!

A lovely little man and a gentleman to the end.

Over this week we are going to hunt the sea shore for a special 'Wee'ing Rock' for him, a rock to be proud of!

On the campsite here we have tons of rabbits, The Missus was told that there must be at least two thousand and although Holly and I could never count to that much, we believe it!

There is supposed to be a big buck rabbit that sits outside the toilet block each night with his wives and children, you know it is his offspring 'cos they are black as well!

Chase me and I'll tell my Dad!
If only Old Two Legs would let me off the lead!

We keep meeting up with different woofers on the site and some say hello and others just walk past. One woofer said hello to us but when he saw OTL he nearly woofed his head off!

Seems he has a thing about new TL's!

I Don't Do New TL's!
Down on the beach Holly found a stick that was just right for throwing in the water. Holly decided that before it got wet, she would have a game of catch the stick first!

This is the proper way to play with a stick!
I managed to get it away from her in the end and OTL tossed it into the sea for me!

Periscope Up!
Holly was not amused and she sat on the beach and sulked for ages!

That was MY stick!
I meant to tell you about our trip to Portpatrick yesterday but Brambles sort of made me forget about it.

You see, we took TM to a Master Class in Portpatrick and then went back to the caravan to get Brambles cleaned up and sorted. We had been instructed by TM to pick her up at three, on the dot!

So, there we were, three exactly, waiting out side.

No TM!

Send her a message via SMS, 'We are here'!

Back comes a reply, 'Class finishes at four, Clear Off!'

So, off we go to the harbour.

OTL lets us off the lead and we go scampering over the rocks, investigating all the fishy sniffs!

It was then that I got stuck up on the rocks. Well, that's what I told OTL when I asked him to come and help me down!

Help! I'm Stuck!!!!!!!
OTL, being a clever sort of TL, calculated just how long it would take for him to get from the car to me to do a 'Mountain Rescue', then he set the delay on the camera and ran over to rescue me!

Just before he got to me, I jumped down and left him up there next to the rock!

Great fun!

Fooled Ya!
The wind was blowing a bit and the waves made a great crashing noise on the rocks!

All wet and splashy!
We went out this afternoon 'cos OTL had discovered a distillery close at hand and it is the most southerly distillery in Scotland! We found something for OTL but we'll tell you in a mo!

Getting back, we found both May and April sort of semi awake, that it, awake enough to say 'Hello' but not much else!

OTL got Holly and I on our lead then put the harnesses on the Page 3 Girls!

Miss April immediately dived into the bag, only to stick her head out and ask.......

Are we there yet!
We didn't stay on the sand for long and pretty soon we were into the grass where all ferrets love to sniff!

Not too fast, I might need a carry!
 Miss May not only was sniffing in the grass but she started to excavate some stones out of a hole in the path!

Hang on, I can sniff something here!
 Now, I was going to tell you what we found for OTL.

Well, there we were driving along after purchasing an incredibly expensive twenty two year old bottle of Single Malt from The Bladnoch Distillery, when, TM pointed out a sign that said there were some stones close and sure enough, there it was, a stone circle!

The notice said that they were put there four thousand years ago for some reason or other.

So, out OTL gets with his camera and starts clicking away. We have selected this photo 'cos it looks old, a bit like OTL really!

Very old stone circle.
Holly suggested we pinch one for Brambles, a really big Wee'ing Stone but OTL said it would be noticed!

See you all tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay


  1. Daisy, little bro was with you long enough for everyone to fall in love with. He had the most wonderful adventures with you all. Now, I like the idea for a nice weeing stone and I think Holly found the exact one, they've got more so I'm sure that they wouldn't miss one. Not sure that the caravan could take the weight though. Oh that TM of yours, what is she like telling you to clear off, she should have invited you all in to meet your fans. Glad you're meeting new woofers up there and I wouldn't worry about that bunny telling his dad, you could chase him all over the place and have some fun. You do torment OTL, pretending to be stuck and then jumping down just as he gets to you. It's good to hear he found a distillery and has a nice souvenir of his visit. Loved all the pictures today, poor Holly she looks right sorry for herself after you pinched her stick, you'll have to have a stick each. Page 3 girls look quite busy. Love and licks to you all, with extra licks for Miss Snowflake. xxxxxxxx

  2. Good to hear that you are trying to get back to your usual routine, Bro Brambles would like that too, he did enjoy being one of the gang having adventures. It might take Miss Snowflake a while but with plenty of cuddles and gentle encouragement she will get there, Think you might have to find a slightly smaller weeing rock or the bottom might fall out of the caravan. That rabbit is very brave while you are on the lead don't think he would hang about if you were free to chase him. Daisy you are a one!! getting OTL to come and rescue you and then taking off just as he reached you. Hope you have a good day tomorrow, keep looking out for Miss Snowflake .... Love Licks and hugs to you all xxx Jasper and his Mam

  3. So lovely to see you out on your walks again. Mr Brambles will always be with you on your walks. He'll be there in your shadow as you dig a hole or the wispher of the breeze in your ear saying "hi Sis, Little bro here!" Miss Snowflake might need an extra fuss too so keep an eye on her but I'm sure that OTL will give her lots of cuddles on his lap. Think you'd best stay away from that malt whiskey though. It sounds like cough medicine to me.
    Hey I love how you tricked OTL by pretending to be stuck up that big rock and then jumping down after all his trouble setting up the camera...great photo!
    Thanks for the tip off about that big black rabbit and his family especially as our caravan has no toilet so we have to pitch near the toilet block. We might need our friend Blue the whippet. She is an expert rabbit mum's had a few rabbit stews thanks to Blue!
    How rude of TM to get the time wrong for her masterclass and then tell you to get lost. I think that she was just having too much of a good time and didn't want to go home yet!
    Talking of time, it's getting late, so I'd best go. Love, wags & woofs from Izzy and Hamish.

  4. Lovely pictures and story today Daisy, Mr Brambles will be on everyones minds as he came on holiday with you, so glad you hadn't left the little ones at the Ferret Hotel it would have been terrible news to hear from afar. That was a good trick you played on OTL and I was a little pleased that you weren't called to rescue OTL from the big rock, you are no St Bernard and you only have Single Malt and no Brandy. The rabbits are very smug with you being on leads, they can just stand there close by and laugh at you! Looks a lovely place and TM had some distraction with her Master Class, good for her but I thought she would have introduced her family. Have a good day tomorrow but don't find too big a rock to take home, you have to watch "your nose" remember. xxxxxx

  5. I have read all your Diary from when I was away, Michael was having trouble with his Data allowance so I didn't want to use any so I have only just read it. I didn't feel like replying to each one because I am so chocked up about poor little Mr Brambles, he was such lovely little being and it is no mean feat to have had such a lot of sympathy. He deserves it. XXXXXX