Sunday, 18 October 2015

You can't beat a Sunday Afternoon Snooze!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here on a super lazy Sunday!

Well, it was to be a lazy day but we started off a bit earlier than you would think!

Old Two Legs got woken up by Holly and I having a 'Discussion' over a rawhide chew!

The ferrets were still asleep, which is not normal! Mind you, as soon as OTL brought the milk up they were all awake!

I had a bit of a Grumbly Tum and told OTL I needed to go out so at seven we were mobile and heading towards the beach.

When we got there it was rather dark and misty across the river Medway. It didn't stop Snowflake from climbing all over the sea weed and chasing us back to the car!

Dark and Misty!
She stopped only to have a roll in something smelly!

How come she can get away with a roll?
 Back home OTL was re=arranging the Office desk 'cos the new monitor has to stand on the desk instead of hanging on the wall like the last one did.

That gave the Page 3 Girls longer to have a 'Rampage' around the house and of course, they made the best use of the time to rob our biscuit bowl and chase OTL around and then back to the kitchen to have a roll in the washing and finally there is the 'Free Style Ferret Wrestling'

2 Falls, 1 Submission or a Knockout!
 Miss April made a super discovery, a big pile of clothes that are waiting for The Missus to iron. It was an enormous pile 'cos TM is not into ironing, mind you you could add cooking and house work to that list as well!

This is GOOD!
 Surprisingly enough, the Page 3 Girls didn't go back to sleep and instead, when they went back into the cage, they stayed awake by kicking their Poo Pot and other toys all around the cage. Around eleven thirty we decided that we should go out again and off we went back to the beach again!

This time it was bright and there was even a little sun!

Holly and I had a game of 'Chase' up and down the beach and I got into digging a couple of holes as well!

That was until May came creeping up on my blind side and shouted 'Rabbits!'

Nearly scared the Woof out of me!

 May had a dig in my hole then headed off to the half boat that was still on the beach after a week of being washed by the tide. I think it will be here for some time!

May had a good ferret around and even managed to get a length of dried sea weed caught on her harness!

Tangled up in Sea Weed!
Back home they both headed for bed and in no time at all were snoring their tails off!

Holly and I headed for our cushions and joined the ferrets in a Sunday Afternoon Snooze!

Now, we have seen an email that OTL got yesterday, on November 21st The Harietsham Ferret Rescue will be holding their Christmas Ferret Show!

This year we are expecting great things for the Page 3 Girls, since being with us they have both had a moult and are looking 'The Business'!

They have both put on weight and their claws are being kept to a 'Natural Length' by walking on the concrete Sea Wall. With Snowflake, OTL has to trim her claws every so often so we have to make sure they are trimmed and then 'Worn in' just in time for the show!

The show is being held at the same place as last year, the Harrietsham Village Hall.

We will remind you again nearer the time together with the full address for your Sat-Nav thingy!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. I'm with you Daisy, a lazy Sunday afternoon and a siesta is the way to go. Sorry to hear about your grumbly tum, I hope it's not lack of scoff and it gets better soon. So, what was the conversation over the chew this morning, did it go something like ......... it's mine, no, it's mine, no no it's mine, definitely it's mine! I put my nose in the garden at quarter to three after my brekkie, ooooh it was so dark. It was better when my mum came home from work at 8.30 though. Snowflake definitely wants to get back home quick these mornings, fancy her chasing you back to the car. Those page 3 girls had the pickle in them today, chasing over the washing and ironing and wot that May did to you on the beach, well! You did look like you were ready to go speeding off after the bunnies. You'll have to stand outside her cage later and shout, biscuits! I reckon them two will end up on a wrestling programme soon. I have great expectations for your little furry friends at the ferret show, claws crossed they come home with rosettes. Have a lovely evening, hope your tum is settled so you can get some muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Who won the Rawhide Battle 2015, will there be a medal? We will try to come to Harrietsham as long as we are free, love to support OTL and the little ones. That was a massive pile of ironing and rather colourful, if I may be so bold! I hope the Page 3 girls didn't damage anything. hope your tum is better now, what have you been eating? So training sessions are getting under way now and you and Holly won't need to be caged now again. Hope the desk is all ship shape now, that's the trouble with having to change things. xxxxx