Friday, 18 December 2015

All behind like a Horses Bum!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May,Miss April, Fred & Wilma here.

First of all, it's not my fault, it is Old Two Legs not being very organised!

Let me explain!

Yesterday, we were out a bit later than normal 'cos OTL overslept by five minutes! He was rushing around getting all his jobs done in double quick time Rush Rush Rush! Which again is unusual!

Down on The Beach with May and April it was just the same, 

What's the Hurry?
May and April couldn't work out what the hurry was and they even had to cut short their rub in the Sea Kale!

All the rushing wasn't good for Holly Dog. She had the embarrassment of missing a sniff which May picked up on! 
This is Poppy Dog!
 Poor Holly, she said she would never live it down.

A ferret beating her at sniffing!

This is too much! I missed that one!
 Back home to the cage cleaning, that was done in double time as well! Poor ferrets didn't get their normal hour of rampaging around the house.

Then, before we knew it we were out again! Not that we minded but Holly said there was something sinister going on and we had better keep a close eye on OTL!

Fred and Wilma couldn't understand the rush either and kept asking why they should keep 'Getting a Move On'!
Rush Rush Rush!
 Poor Wilma didn't get long to play at Grass Sharks and Fred made the best of it and managed to get a carry almost all the way back!

Crafty or Wot!
Wilma Grass Shark!
 When we got back from our walk, the new Ferret Bag for Fred & Wilma had turned up, just in time for Christmas!

It looks dead smart and it is a bit bigger than the one for Brambles and Snowflake but the same size as May and Aprils!
The New Bag!
Before we knew it, OTL and The Missus were heading out of the door and saying Bye Bye to us 'cos OTL was off to the hospital to get his eye ball checked out after the operation.

OK, we didn't mind that but we were getting a bit worried when they hadn't arrived back by five thirty!

It was then that Auntie Sheila opened the front door and let Holly and I out in the garden for a wee!

She sat with us for a while and explained that after the hospital visit TM & OTL were off to the Pantomime and taking Tilly and Sassy (Grandchildren) along as well. We were a bit put out that they didn't allow woofers in the theatre but Sheila started telling us a story of Woofers in Wunderland and she finished off the story when she came back at nine for our second wee of the night!

We stayed up until eleven when TM & OTL arrived back.

So, that is our excuse and it's all TM & OTL's fault!

Especially as he didn't leave the computer switched on so I could have done this blog while we were waiting for them to come home!

Never mind, we will catch up with today's fun in a moment!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May,Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Oh Daisy, I've just seen this, wot naughty OTL and Mrs TM, fancy not taking you and Holly to the pantomime. Wot a good job you've got Auntie Sheila to take care of you when you were left home alone. Hope TL's eye is better. Glad to hear that the Flintstones new bag has arrived and there's plenty of room in it for Fred and Wilma, I mean, you don't want squashed ferrets do you. I hope you got left with some scoff when you were deserted last night. Love the pictures, tell Holly not to be too down hearted about the sniff, I'm sure that being such a good girl she left it for the ferrets to find and didn't really miss it. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch xxxxxxx

  2. I was very worried when you never reported and just now at 7-30 pm it was still showing Wednesday's but here you are safer and well with the minders having gone to a pantomime with woofer substitutes. You did have a rush around but I bet you had some extra cuddles from Auntie Shelia, the new bag kind of smart, did yours come in the post? Lovely pics of you Thursday morning, I am off to read about Friday. xxxxxx