Wednesday, 9 December 2015

No Photos Today

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.

Now, you know we are supposed to be having our photo taken for the Christmas Card? Well, I'm sorry to say, it has not worked out today. First of all Nipper refused to come out of his High Security Cage and spent all day gnawing on the metal bars because he says he doesn't get enough iron in his diet!

Holly has not been feeling to well 'cos she has been eating grass and that has given her a Grumbly Tum, in fact she hasn't eaten any of her Chicken & Rice and instead she has retired to her cushion to 'Rest'!

Miss May has been in trouble with Old Two Legs 'cos she has been fighting with Wilma, through the cage bars, so she got put in the 'Naughty Cage' with a blanket hung over the door so she can't see what is going on. Needless to say, when it came to photographs, she refused to sit still and kept on running away.

Miss April got a little upset and ran behind the bookcase and refused to come out until she had at least an hours snooze!

Fred didn't mind his picture being taken but Wilma had sunk her teeth into OTL's hand and was in the naughty cage as well, but not at the same time as May!

So in the end OTL said that he was going to by some cards from the Charity Shop sign them and not put our names on them!

So you see, we are sort of in the 'Dog House'!

It was bright and sunny this morning down on the beach, not a rain cloud to be seen

No sign of rain!
There were no waves crashing onto the shore, in fact it was very still in the water, so much so that OTL tried to get a picture of the reflections but it didn't turn out very well and the sun was too high in the sky to give and colour too the water!

Back home OTL announced that the Poo Pot Saga was making headway. You see, OTL had worked out that Fred didn't like climbing over the edges of the poo pot when he wanted a wee 'cos the top edge scraped on his tummy and other stuff. So, with a saw, a file and a gas torch he re-engineered a pot with just a small lip. This was OK but the edges were still a bit rough, even after sanding them down, so, yesterday he purchased some letter trays that had walls on three sides and nothing on the front side. Fred has been seen using this tray for pooing but we still have a problem when he wants a wee, OTL thinks the tray isn't big enough!

OTL thought it might be a good idea to try it out on May and April 'cos they just love to kick their poo pots up into the air and around the cage, scattering the contents all over the place, then they go for a poo and wee on the cage floor!

OTL has tried to Velcro the trays to the floor but that didn't last too long, so, with the letter tray he has stuck some Velcro onto the wall at the back and side to the cage tray and on the back and side of the letter tray. OTL reckons that would sort out May and April.

After cleaning their cage and installing the newly Velcro'ed  Poo Pots, he put May in the cage while he went to get April out from behind the bookcase. When he came back, the poo pots were on their back and all the cat litter was scattered around the cage and some even got as far as the office floor!

Back to the drawing board!

Our lunchtime walk was great, Holly was still eating grass, she will never learn!

Wilma was running along the shore and telling us that the sand was 'All Soggy'!

It gets all in between your claws!
 Fred was playing 'Bulldozers' in the sand and he was making a good job of it as well!

This is how it's done!
Both Fred & Wilma found the sniffy plant and again and had a roll in the leaves. Holly and I can't work out just what bit of the sniff turns them on but you know what ferrets are like with their sniffs!

You just don't know what you are missing!
Back home to a snooze and Holly still hasn't touched her Chicken & Rice, so, if she hasn't touched by this evening, I might just help her out!

OK on Archie Babe getting the itches, Holly sometimes gets an itchy butt and loves to rub it on the ground, the only problem is, it normally coincides with a Grumbly Tum so she sort of spreads everything all over her butt and OTL then has to spend ages cleaning her with Wet Wipes before she is allowed to get in the car!

It's fun being a Woofer!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Oh dear, Seems like only you and Fred behaved yourselves today, poor Holly, sorry to hear about her grumbly tum, hope it gets better soon, perhaps being on a diet has upset her so much that she's rebelling and eating grass to fill herself up. Fancy that Miss May getting put in the naughty cage for trying to fight Wilma, and then, that April goes into hiding just when OTL wants to take her photo. Wilma has really disgraced herself by sinking her teeth into OTL and ending up in the naughty cage, OTL might need 2 naughty cages soon. Well, it says something when Nipper is amongst the well behaved furries, even if he is gnawing his bars. I can understand Fred not wanting to catch his other stuff on the poo pot side ...... that can make for a bit of a sore other stuff. I hope OTL wins the battle of the poo pots soon. Maybe OTL should just take a photo of himself and Mrs TM and send it out, if the other furries aren't being co-operative. You're such a good girl Daisy, offering to help poor Holly out with her scoff. Well, I went to the vets, I've made myself a bit sore under my neck so I've got some antibiotics, which is quite good, cos it means I have to have some banana to take them with, I'm supposed to go back in 2 weeks for a check up but my mum has made 2 appointments, one for next Wednesday and one for the Wednesday after, just in case I need to go again next week ....... I do get withdrawal symptoms from not having cuddles. I sometimes drag my butt on the ground, but that usually means I need to see the nurse so she can empty my anal glands ..... since I've been having my carrots though, I don't seem to have to have them done so often, which is good on the one hand, cos I don't like people around my bum, but I do like the cuddles I get afterwards, then again an itchy bum isn't very comfortable. Anyways, here's hoping that Holly chops feels loads better soon, you carry on being a good girl for OTL and Mrs TM, have a word to those ferrets and tell them about diets and that trying to eat each other or OTL's hand means that they will get less meat in their dishes. Have a good evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh dear such a lot of butt problems. It's the same in our house at the moment. Mum can't get us booked in at the groomers so our fur's got a bit long in the nether regions but then I managed to get to Molly Cat's tasty pussy scoff and that gave me sticky poo. So out came the baby wipes and the scissors. That was pretty scary, having a pair of scissors snipping around your tail area. Mum could have booked us in the parlour this weekend but she's galivanting of to Kent to see your TM, Daisy to slap some glue and glitter. Then she's coming back with our mate Rizzo and her TL, Danielle - that's our mum's daughter. We really love Rizzo as she's brilliant at playing tug. She one tugged me right across the room. Hamish had such a laugh. Danielle used to work at a vet's so she knows how to squeeze anal glands so we'd best make sure we don't scoot on our bums or she'll be putting on the latex gloves. Hope Holly's grumbly tum clears up soon and Little Arch's problems get sorted. I hope that peace will soon resume in ferret towers. The Flintstone and Page Three girls are getting too cheeky, winding up OTL by hiding or climbing on each other's cages. Poor OTL won't get any work done. Take care everyone and give my mum a lick, Daisy if you see her on Saturday. I said she could give you a lick from me but she didn't seem too keen! Wags, woofs and licks from Izzy (and Hamish says hi too) xxxxxxxx

  3. You have had a funny day whilst I have travelled to the ends of the earth. Been up 21 hours now so off .to bed. Night, night, xxxxxx