Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thursday and OTL is Working again!

Hello Woofers!

Were back again! Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.

Well what a day! Holly and I had a 'Disagreement' this morning on who gets first choice of the warm bit of the bed when Old Two Legs stumbles off to have a shower.

I won!

Holly got the sulks and jumped off the bed and went to sleep on our cushions!

Mind you, all that woofing woke Fred & Wilma and they got a cuddle and a slurp of Ferretone from OTL when he had got dressed!

The Page 3 Girls stayed asleep, they only wake up when they hear OTL coming up the stairs with his breakfast and their Lactose Free Milk, and of course, OTL is 'Dooking' like a ferret on the way up the stairs. All of the ferrets think it is hilarious but won't tell him he sounds like a plonker!

Well, it keeps him happy!

The walk this morning was fun, OTL was trying to get all 'Arty' with the mud banks and the water channels. We are not sure he really captured the essence of the mud bank but at least he tried!

Maybe a Yellow Filter and B&W next time?
Miss May and Miss April were dumped onto the sand while OTL was playing 'Mud Banks' and it took them a little while before they got moving. Getting out of a nice warm bag and getting dumped onto wet sand is not the way to wake up in the morning!

When the Summer comes it will be much warmer, I think!
Miss May called me over and together we discussed a sniff that I thought was a dead crab while she thought it was some Sea Gull Poo!

Mmm, not enough fishy sniff for a gull and sort of misses out on the crab sniff!
In the end I had a roll in it and Holly said it sniffed like a bit of Fox Poo!

Both ferrets got up the beach and dived into the plant, we think is Sea Kale. The were biting the stems and then rubbing themselves all over the plant. I must say I didn't think much of the sniff myself but it certainly does something to those ferrets!

This Is Sooooooooooo Goooood!
Holly and I continued up the grass path and investigated a sniff we weren't to sure about, Holly reckons it was Weasel while I thought is was Old Ferret. Neither of the girls could help us out 'cos they said it was the first time they had come across this particular sniff.

There can't be More Ferrets along here!
Holly has always been a bit of a worrier and when we are out walking with OTL she doesn't get too worried if we loose sight of him for a while but when The Missus came out with us, 'cos OTL's eye is still mending, Holly was forever stopping to let TM catch up.

Today it was terrible 'cos she was spending more time plonking away on her phone chatting on Face-Ache!

It got a bit much when she just stood in the middle of the path while we were waiting for her to open up the car!

What Is she doing Now?
Even when Holly did her 'Shift Yer Tail' woof TM didn't even know what Holly was on about!

Back home OTL has been playing at 'Manufacturing' this afternoon so we have had to amused ourselves. I have been pinching Holly's carrot and Holly has been pinching it back and hiding it under her cushion!

OTL said we should get going on the Christmas Card Photo but the ferrets said that it wasn't right to wake them up when they are having their snooze. I mean, a Ferret Snooze lasts for about eighteen hours!

So, maybe tomorrow, if they are awake!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Yo Daisy, girls, Fred and Nipper, I'm glad you had a good sniffy day today. I bet you sniff gorgeous Daisy, I wish I could come down there and sniff. Now the fox poo odour lasts a long time but it can make you itchy, not sure about seagull poo, I don't usually come across that very much but it might be like goose poo, there's lots of that round here, goose poo is very green, slightly runny and has a bitter bouquet, that also can make you itchy and leaves green stripes in your hair. Today I've been rolling in thrush poo, not too sure if it has much of an bouquet, as yet I haven't had to have a wash, just a rub down with a wet wipe. Actually, it didn't so much as have a roll in it as the thrush poo'd on me when I was standing under the bird feeder, so naturally I just had a quick roll to make sure I spread it around a bit. It was very lucky, it meant I didn't have to go searching for a sniff. I like the pictures today, now that mud shot really appealed to me ..... I do like the mud down your way. I hope them ferrets were better behaved today, and I think that they should pose for OTL tomorrow. It was very good of you to offer to help Holly out with her carrot, I know she's not keen on them. I hope her grumbly tum is on the mend. It's good getting in the warm spot on the bed, luckily I don't have to share the warm spots, they're all mine. Now I thought we agreed that you were going to tell your Mrs TM to wait with the car while you went walking, she really does need telling her place you know. Have a lovely evening, stay warm and snuggled and don't forget to look under cushions for bits of carrot. I'm off now to find a new carrot. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. A lovely day where I am, you have had a sleepy, sniffy day by the looks of it. Today is the 10th so you had better get on with the card, you will have to wedge matchsticks in the little ones eyes so they look awake and a drop of starch on their smiles! Hoe or how are the diets going? Has the half boat gone now? TM should keep her mind on the being driver and opening doors, leave the Faceache until she is in her own time. Keep warm and smile for the birdie. Sue and Michael xxxxxx