Saturday, 19 December 2015

TM gone into 'Secret' mode!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma!

We all slept well last night, catching up on our sleep after the late night!

Mind you, it was still dark when we went down to the beach with Miss May and Miss April.

It's just too early!
Back home we were presented with a large bowl of Roast Chicken while Old Two Legs cleaned out the ferrets poo pots and any other place where they might have done a whoopsy!

Fred and Wilma were looking forward to their run down on The Beach and as soon as OTL had finished cleaning, Wilma was rattling on the door to tell OTL it was time to go!

Poor lad, he is bossed about by all of the females in this house!

Freddy Boy was having a go at getting a lift all the way around the walk. He got a lift down to the beach but started his tricks as soon as his paws touched the sand!

Honestly, this beach can get a bit ropey sometimes!
Wilma was getting tired of his tricks and when he said that the Sea Wall was too hard on his paws, she ran back and told him to 'Shift his Butt'!

Move it Freddy or I'll bite your tail!
Well, that worked for a while,  just as far as the grass path. Fred could be seen, flat on his back, paws in the air, trying to convince us his legs had seized up!

Honest! They've gone all stiff and immovable!
Poor Fred, he was getting quite upset when we told him that he was 'On His Own' 'cos there was a big Woofer with enormous teeth and a bad attitude heading along the Sea Wall towards him!

Hey! Wait for me!
He was up on his paws and waddling towards us as fast as he could go! He had to walk all the way back to the car without another carry!

We kept on telling him there was woofers coming along the path behind him!

Fred was not a happy ferret!

Oooo! Looook! Another Mad Woofer with Big Teeth!
When we got back to the bench someone had tied a balloon to the bench and it was blowing in the wind.

Holly got a bit upset with it and gave it a 'Serious Woof' to tell it to go away, which it didn't.

I pointed out that it was waving at us and it had a message on it that read 'Merry Christmas' but Holly wasn't too impressed. She said that it was one of those things that went Bang if you got too near to it and it was best left alone!

I don't care what it says, tell it to go away!
When we got back home Fred & Wilma were soon fast asleep and dreaming of nibbles and Ferretone!

OTL finally got to watch the last episode of 'The Last Kingdom' and was pleased to see that there is another series planned for the New Year!

Did you know that it is The Winter Solstice next Tuesday? It's the shortest day of the year and signals that Spring and Summer are on the way!

Maybe that is why The Missus is doing her 'Secret Project'!

You know, she has been up early and bashing away in the work room, loads of mumbling and cursing. That normally means she has gone wrong!

She won't let us have a look at what she is doing and keeps telling us 'It's Secret'!

When OTL asks what she is doing, she tells him to 'Ugger Orf!' or something like that!

We don't think it has anything to do with Woofers or Ferrets or OTL, so, what's left?

Glue Slapping?

We'll find out later and let you know.

Mind you, it is so secret that if we do tell you what it is, we will have to  feed you to Nipper!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.

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  1. Yo maties, so glad you all got a good nights snooze, sounds like your Mrs TM has decided to leave the turbo broomstick alone. Oooh it did look dark when you first went out. Do you have those little lights fitted on your head so that you can see where you're going? Lovely pictures today. Wot's this I hear, your Mrs TM is feeding you roast chicken? She must be hoping that Santa Paws is going to bring her some nice new crafty stuff. Oh look at that Fred, wot is he like? He does look funny laying on his back when he should be walking. I see Wilma is getting firm with him. I think Holly is right to keep her distance from that balloon, you never know when they're going to go bang. Hmmm I wonder wot this secret project is that Mrs TM is working on, you'll have to try and get a sneak peek at it. Don't worry about Nipper, my mum has put him in the garage in his box, we were a bit worried in case he escaped during the night until we get an alarm system installed. He's been fully feed with lumps of raw coo, which my mum passes through the garage window on a long iron pole, the pole is getting shorter but my mum has another one somewhere in the house. The neighbours have been complaining about the noise Nipper is making bouncing around in the box but my mum says he'll go to sleep soon. Have a lovely evening all, stay warm and snuggly. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch xxxxxxxx