Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday alone with OTL.

Hi Woofers!

It's Us Again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today we were woken up by The Missus very early, in fact, it was still dark!

So, being good woofers, we turned over and cuddled up to Old Two Legs and went back to sleep!

The ferrets didn't think much of that 'cos they were rattling the door on Snowy Heights and making so much noise that in the end OTL had to get up!

TM was off at seven to set up the tables and stuff in the village hall ready for the weekend of fun and games with the Card & Thong!

We headed off for our morning stroll  in the big car 'cos TM had pinched our normal transport!

When we got to the car park Holly and I headed off to search for rabbits while OTL got the ferrets out of the travelling cage!

Come On, Let Us Out!
It wasn't long before they were charging about and Snowflake was diving in and out of the sea weed!

Wee Finished, come and pick me up!
Back home OTL was busy 'Manufacturing' while Holly and I enjoyed our Chicken Breakfast!

The ferrets pinched some of our biscuits and then headed up stairs to pig out on their own ferret food! 

Only one thing to do after a meal, have a snooze!
Come lunchtime we had an appointment to drop into the Card & Thong gathering where we got made a fuss of, fed a little bit of sausage and generally got a lot of attention!

The ferrets  were doing the same thing but from OTL's arms 'cos he didn't trust them to not chase around and get into trouble!

We left them all to carry on and headed off to the beach again!

OTL took his camera with him but this time he put his 'Fish Eye' lens on so he could get some really 'Wide Angle' shots!

Wide Angle Shot!
 Just for fun he switched over to Black & White and pointed the camera to the sky, It's not often you see OTL in a picture!

A Rare Shot of OTL!
 It's amazing how it makes everything look vast and spacious!

Looks Vast!
 Mind you, it didn't help the fishermen we passed, they hadn't caught anything and finished up their sarnies as well!

No Fish, No Sarnies, No Strokes!
That was it, back home again to some more manufacturing while Holly and I had a game of 'Chase' around the garden!

Then we chased the pigeons  and a couple of sparrows off the bird feeders!

OTL was still 'Manufacturing' and on Monday there is even more 'Manufacturing' to be done!

So, we are now waiting for TM to come home before we head off to bed for our night time snooze!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.