Thursday, 23 July 2015

Snakes in the Grass!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Well, what an exciting day, sort off!

It started this morning very early, Holly could hear something out side the house, so, being on 'Puppy Patrol' she did her 'Keep Quiet and move on' woof, which lasted a long time, long enough to wake The Missus up.

TM, being a friendly sort, especially at three in the morning, joined if the woofing as well!

Then she proceeded to bounce about on the bed claiming she couldn't get back to sleep and because of that, she made sure everyone else was awake to join her in not getting back to sleep again!

That of course didn't make Old Two Legs happy and he got up a little earlier than normal, which in turn means the ferrets were woken up earlier than normal!

So, that means TM managed to wake everyone up and of course she blamed everyone except herself!

Down on the beach we had a fun time digging holes and chasing each other.

Miss Snowflake had trouble getting out of the ferret bag 'cos she really wanted to catch up on her sleep!

Just a Five Minute Snooze, Please!
 On the way back we came across Mr Bailey who was having a 'Mid Walk Rest'. He is getting on a bit and is a bit slow. That of course is an open invitation for Brambles to have a little joke!

He and Snowflake were dancing along the path and just before they got to Bailey, Brambles rolled onto his back and called out that he would wrestle any one within six feet! 

Then he fell on his back and kicked his legs up and called out 'Come on, Who's next?'

Come on, who's next?
 Back home we had a great Lambs Heart breakfast followed by a super snooze. OTL was getting on with his work until lunchtime arrived!

Today OTL decided that he would try his Macro Lens as the insects were about, so off we set and pretty soon landed in the car park.

We got out and a our mate Mercedes, the Bozo Labrador who thinks OTL is wonderful, seemed to have left his TL on the grass. Even OTL was a little puzzled and asked what he was doing.

'I've just let loose a snake that I found in the garden' he replied and offered to show OTL where it was. It seems that the snake was caught by a cat and was a little shaken by the experience.

When we got to the spot, the snake had crawled off into the undergrowth. Before he let the snake go, the TL had taken some pictures and he kindly sent them to OTL.

We picked the best and after a little fiddling OTL came up with this.

Thanks, I'm off now!
We didn't see any snakes so OTL had to put up with the insects on the flowers! First of all we spotted the Soldier Beetles!

Smile for the Camera!
Next OTL found a Dragonfly having a rest on a plant and crept up to take this shot.

Just having a rest.
Then, a Flesh Fly landed on a flower and started drinking the nectar.

Holly said that it was the first time she had seen a Vegetarian Flesh Fly!

Really, I don't like meat!
 It was rather warm and Holly decided that she would take every opportunity to have a rest in the shade!

This is a cool spot!
 We found this flower that had three insects having lunch together, a Soldier Beetle, a Flesh Fly and a Bee or Wasp, we can't make up our mind and OTL can't find it in his 'Insect Book'!

Three for Lunch!
 Back home it was back to snoozing until OTL finished his work.

He is out early tomorrow and TM will have to take us out for our morning walk. Mind you, she says that she will not be able to take the ferrets out, just us. So, after we come back she has said that she will let the ferrets out for a rampage!

Now that will be fun!

So, we're off to do some mugging, see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles