Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday is Clean Up Day!

Hi! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here.

Old Two Legs and The Missus were out last night, left us alone, all alone! Mind you their excuse was they were at Auntie Sheila's Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Auntie Sheila, but not until Wednesday next week!

So, after their late night it was no wonder they were up late this morning!

As it is Sunday we are allowed a lie in, but not too late!

Miss Snowflake was up and banging around her cage all ready to go out so OTL rushed his breakfast and off we went!

Down on the beach there was a chilly wind blowing from the East and Snowflake insisted on staying wrapped up in OTL's arms until we all got to the beach. She got down for her ramble over the sea weed and when she had finished, it was straight back to OTL for a carry!

Now can I have a carry?
 OTL said that the idea of her coming out with us is to get a bit of exercise, so she had to walk all the way back to the car park!

While we were waiting for Snowflake to get off the beach, Holly and I could hear woofing on the wind. I was getting a bit nervous, being just a little woofer I have to be very careful of woofers with loud woofs! 

I'm sure I hear Woofing!
Then, suddenly, around the corner came, The Lads!

There was Poppy, Max, Oscar, and Bryn and their TL's!

It's The Lads!
Holly and I had fun woofing back to them and we all joined in a big Gang Woof!

Back home OTL had to clean all the ferret cages out and give them a wash and spray with the disinfectant. He started off with Snowflakes palace and while he was washing the tray and Poo Pot she thought it great fun to chase the hand brush and wet cloth about as OTL was brushing and washing it!

After that it was the Page 3 Girls turn and of course, as soon as the door was opened, out they tumbled and rushed around all over the place. They kept on coming back to OTL while he was cleaning and invited him to a game of Chase or Roll a Ferret On Her Back and Tickle Her Tum!

Both girls love that game and they are laughing all the time!

Then it was time to raid our biscuit bowl and hide a few biscuits under the chair for later!

When it was all finished, Holly and I got back onto our cushions in the office and had a snooze while OTL was doing something on the computer.

TM called OTL to tell him that the F1 Racing was about to start, so, off he crept, thinking we were asleep!

The race started and by the time lap three had started, there we were, sitting on his lap telling him that it was time for Lunchtime Walkies!

It was a bit of a job to wake the Page 3 Girls and they were soon asleep as soon as they got into the car!

Having got to the Sea Wall they took some time to get 'into gear' and the girls got carried most of the way to the beach!

I really would like a snooze!
 Just for once Miss May was in agreement and they were both cuddled up in OTL's with their noses poking over his arm and looking at the sea!

Come on, let's get a cuddle if we have got to be here!
 Once we had reached our beach both ferrets were down and heading back towards the car. Being Sunday, there were loads of visiting TL's with their Mini TL's and their Woofers!

Of course, we had to say 'Hello' but after a while we got a bit fed up with our butts getting sniffed, I mean, just how much sniffing can a girl take!

Oh Gawd! Another day tripper!
It was good to hear that Archie Babe is feeling better and we are disappointed that we won't see him next week, still, he could be down later on, we'll look forward to that!

Also, we were glad Maisey enjoyed herself yesterday, it was good to see her again, even if she did snaffle some of our biscuits!

We are off to see what is for dinner, OTL's, 'cos we have already had ours!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.