Thursday, 5 November 2015

OTL has Spotted Trevor!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April here again!

Well, today has been and exciting day. First of all Snowflake reckons she has chased that Big Slimy Thing into the sea weed and even got to give it a nip on its backside, just for fun!

 Mind you, by the time we got there it had disappeared, again!

After that bit of fun Snowflake spent some time inspecting the big hole those young Two Legs left yesterday.

Not bad for a couple of TL's!
As we headed off to the grass path Miss Snowflake got a surprise when she got to the steps, it was Poppy!

 Poppy thought it was great fun to make Snowflake jump but she didn't know how close she came to getting a pair of Ferret Fangs in her nose!

We had a look at the Fungi and it is getting bigger! We have also found some more of the fungi a bit further down the path and Holly reckons it could be all part of the same fungi!

Growing Bigger each day!
Back home the ferrets had a good Rampage around the house and Miss Snowflake was the first out and immediately climbed up onto May and Aprils cage top. Of course, the girls tried to give Snowflake a nip but she was too fast for them and when OTL spotted her tormenting the girls, he picked her off the cage and says he heard Snowflake doing her 'Laugh'.

OTL reckons she was laughing at the girls and winding them up!

Naughty Snowflake!

When the girls got their turn to have a Rampage, Snowflake was in her bed snoring her tail off!

OTL decided that work was boring and today he would have a hour or two in the garden clearing up the dead plants and weeds that were trying to take over the place!

It started off with OTL ripping up the dead weeds and as soon as he started  all the insects that were on the plants ran off to the wall and climbed up out of the way, followed by the snails!

I'm bugging out!
OTL said he was amazed at the number of snails that were hiding under the weeds and the speed at which they climbed up the brick work!

Outta My Way A Snail coming through!
It was then that OTL spotted Trevor the Frog!

There he was, looking fit and with dark coloured skin  and he was about two inches long. OTL went scampering off to get his camera but when he got back, Trevor had gone!

We are going to have to keep a lookout for him whenever we are in the garden!

OTL managed to fill up two Wheelie Bins with waste garden plants and some bits of the tree as well. There is still a lot to do but he will get back to it when the rain stops! The weather man reckons it will be dry enough over the weekend!

Loads of leaves falling into the pond now!
We are hoping that there is rain every evening for the next month or two 'cos tonight is when the TL's start letting off those Whizz Bangs which get Holly Dog all wound up and scared!

She will start of cuddling up to OTL and shivering with fright, then she will demand we all go to bed and cuddle up together!

As it helps keep her from shaking too much we all go to bed about seven thirty!

OTL says it's the earliest he will have been to bed for a long time!

So, claws crossed for a Whizz Bang free night!

See you all tomorrow!


 Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.