Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Almost back to normal!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

We have been tearing about all over the place the last few days. It doesn't help having Old Two Legs sneezing and holding his head!

Mind you, he is better today and is now down to twenty five sneezes an hour!

We were out good and early this morning 'cos OTL woke up with the sneezes and couldn't get back to sleep again!

His new camera did very well with the sunrise over Sheerness. OTL says he hasn't done anything to the picture, just cropped it to size! 

Not bad, not bad at all!
 May and April even had a game on the beach and were digging in the sand!

Yes dear, it's called Sand!
 We stayed until the sun came up and both ferrets had a rummage through the grass until Miss April called out that she was being attacked by a an over sized Woofer!

It's found me, I'm Doomed!
 We all looked over to where she was hiding and what did we see?

It was Barney doing his 'Pointing' bit!

Bless My Tail, Wotisthiss?
 We all had a bit of a laugh and in the end April came out of the grass but insisted that OTL carry her for a while in case Barney came back for a second sniff!

Back home again and it was Poo Shovelling Time for OTL while the ferrets rampaged around the house.

The Page 3 Girls are out first 'cos they are both messy in their cage and OTL has to wash both floors and the Poo Pots!

After they go back, out come Fred & Wilma.

Now Fred & Wilma start off upstairs investigating all the nooks and crannies in OTL's office and The Missus's 'Store Room' and this takes some time 'cos it is really messy in there!

After that is all done they are off downstairs to see TM.

OTL sets about cleaning their cage but he has only to clean the ground floor 'cos they only poo on the ground floor.

However, both Ferd & Wilma are much larger than May and April and their poo's tend to reflect their size and OTL has to use a plastic shovel to clear up what they have miss directed and landed outside the poo pot!

Believe it or not, it is quicker to clear up than the Page 3 Girls and OTL gets time to meet up with Fred & Wilma down stairs for a game of 'Chase' and 'Carpet Surfing'!

Freddy just loves Carpet surfing and hangs onto OTL's fingers and gets to race around the carpet!

Now I'm sure you have never seen a ferret do carpet surfing before, so, we got TM to film OTL and Freddy playing!

  Freddy goes Carpet Surfing with OTL

 You can see, Freddy just loves that game and Wilma enjoys rolling onto her back and having her tummy tickled as she is pushed around the carpet as well!

Lunchtime both Freddy and Wilma were out with us but Freddy was up to his tricks again, this time he said he had a tummy ache and needed a cuddle!

OTL told him that the reason he had a tummy ache was because he keeps dragging it along the ground!

I think my tummy looks impressive like this!
We reckon it is impressive but we don't fancy the thought of it dragging on the ground, which is why Freddy wants a cuddle!

We are glad to hear that young Nipper is settling down, who knows, he may even get to go out for walkies, if he promises not to eat the other Woofers he meets in the park!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.