Monday, 4 January 2016

Hi Woofers!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here.

Today we have not lost any ferrets and Freddy Boy manages to get out of walking the Sea Wall!

We were out a little late 'cos Old Two Legs got up late but that didn't stop him from stopping to take his 'Weather' picture!

A Sunny Day?
You can tell we were out late 'cos the sun was up and the red sunrise had gone!

Mind you, the ferrets were still saying that the sand was just too cold for their paws!

It's still Too Cold on the Sand!
They perked up a bit when they got to the Grass Path and jogged all the way to the car park!

Back home it was OTL's 'First Day Back' and there was a load of paperwork to be done. We left him alone and had a snooze on the bed after a Chicken Lunch!

OTL had to go out to one of his customers so when both Fred and Wilma refused to wake up for their midday walk OTL decided to leave them tucked up and just take Holly and me down the sea front.

With all this rain, most of the sniffs had been washed away so it was only the 'New' sniffs were available!

Not a Sniff to be Sniffed!
We went out with OTL this afternoon and he had to visit a place almost next to the Doggy Shop. Holly and I went potty thinking we would be going in there!

There were two very disappointed woofers in the car as we swept past the front door!

OTL went off and Holly and I sat in the car woofing at everyone who came close to the car. When OTL came back he had in his hand a pack of chicken fillets!

Holly and I mugged him for a couple of strips and settled down to chew them as we headed for home!

Back home we went up to tell the ferrets what they had missed but they were still fast asleep!

With a bit of luck we should see a sunny day tomorrow, so, more sniffs?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Ooohhh you lucky girls, chicken fillets, yummmmmm. You lucky things getting a lay in as well, my mum has had me up at 3.30 for the last 4 days, still I'm looking forward to a lay in tomorrow. Lovely pictures today. Glad you and the page 3 girls enjoyed your walk this morning, shame about the sniffs being washed away. Freddie just doesn't seem the outdoor, sporty type does he. Hope you enjoyed your ride out with OTL this afternoon, I expect those chicken fillets made it a good trip. Paws crossed for a nice sunny dry day tomorrow. Have a lovely evening, love, licks, wags, sniffs and nips from little Arch and Lazy Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. This is from Sue whose I-pad is on charge:
    Nice to have a lie in and be out in the daylight but pity the rain washed the good sniffs away. Poor OTL earning the pennies again to keep his little family in the manner they are accustomed to and how nice is that to buy you a little yummy present. We saw some signs on sale today that had things like "Beware of husbands", "Beware of children" but we laughed at "Beware of ferrets"! We should have bought one for your front door to frighten the postman. This time next week we will be wending our way home in a big metal bird so be good and I hope you don't loose too many nibbles to the little furries. xxxxxx