Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Missus is being a Diva again!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy Boy with some more tales!

This weather is really getting all mixed up, there we were, safe in bed, snuggled up to Old Two Legs when The Missus comes crashing through the bedroom door, switches all the lights on and starts to clean the carpet with her jet powered vacuum cleaner!

I mean, what does a Woofer have to do to get a morning snooze?

That was it, no more snoozes, we all had to get up and head for the beach for some exercise!

Miss April didn't really fancy doing exercise, she says that she gets all the exercise she needs going from one sleeping bag to the next and on top of that she doesn't want to get chilblains walking on cold wet sand!

My paws are getting too cold on this sand!
It didn't matter that the sun was bright over Sheerness, it was still too cold and the wind didn't help either! I thought OTL said Summer is on it's way!

Sunny but too cold!
Up on the Grass Path both May and April decided that walking was just too much and convinced OTL to let them back in the bag until the last bit of the walk down to the car park!

Back home to some chicken for breakfast while OTL was cage cleaning!

TM reminded OTL that he had promised to do another film for TM to put on Yoo Tube so Freddy got an early walk and we went with him!

It's sand, but not much of it!
He was back onto the beach looking for the sand and today he found some but not enough to make a sand castle!

We reckon he is going to have loads of fun when the summer arrives, warm sunny days and all of us playing on the beach, digging holes, playing at bulldozers and building sand castles!

He managed a good walk along the Sea Wall and even got into a trot as well!

Along the Grass Path he had to be encouraged to keep up with us. I did slow down a bit, just so he didn't think he was being left behind!

Not so fast girls, I'm getting tired!
When we got home it was all mayhem going on as the lights and camera were set up and TM was practising her lines!

It took some time to get it all right and of course, there she was showing off 'cos her bottle of champers wasn't cold enough and the Director didn't know how to direct and, and, and...........well, what a Diva!

Holly and I were sitting on the sofa watching each 'Take' and having a laugh at TM flouncing around looking for 'Inspiration Dahalings'!

Finally it was all 'In the Can' and OTL now has to edit it on the computer, but he won't do that until tomorrow.

He is too exhausted at the moment!

So, you will have to wait until tomorrow at least before you can see today's fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy (My Paws are Sore0) Boy!


  1. Wow, wot an exciting day you've had. I have to say I don't blame those ferrets for not wanting to walk on the cold wet sand. It wasn't raining here either but everywhere was wet and cold, still at least I got to mug Brenda in the sweet shop for a treat, mind, my mum made me wait in the queue, I don't do queuing, or waiting. Never mind, I got lots of ooohs and aahhhs and a few pats while I waited, noisily. Freddy boy is doing well with his walking and sniffing for sand. That's really nice of you to wait for him. We had some excitement here this morning, some men came and stole our old washing machine, I was shut in the living room and I couldn't chase them away. At least they left another washing machine and the plumber fixed the leak so we can have water and heating again. My mum has played with her new nice and clean all day! Well, except for when we had a siesta. I hope Freddy boys feet are feeling less sore by now. Have a lovely warm, snuggly evening and my mum says she can't wait for the Diva's, ooops sorry Mrs TM's new video. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (guard dog) Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Great read today, as always. Like getting the morning paper, I sure do look forward to your "Daily Report", Daisy. Tis a grand way to start my day across the Big Pond...

  3. YIPPEE . . . that means I'll have top class viewing tomorrow. I love it when TM is a diva and lets me in on her diva secrets.

    Looks you you enjoyed your walks.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. I do love your descriptions of things, I read your Diary but just had to go to bed as I was so tired after the night flight home. We put our watches back five hours on the plane so if we hadn't then we went to bed at 3am not 10pm. You describe everything so wonderfully I just sit enthralled by it all and look forward to each new story, sometimes you have sad things to tell but then that's how things go. xxxxxx