Thursday, 7 January 2016

Wet and Yucky!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

Wot a terrible day! Old Two Legs was up early but that means I get the whole King Size Bed all to myself!

That also means we have to go out early for our morning walk!

Luckily for us it was raining, so OTL delayed our departure in time for a break in the weather so we didn't get too wet!

Mind you, he didn't take his camera out of the car and he even took his 'Weather Photo' from inside the car!

It's Raining!
Coupled with that, he forgot the ferret lead so the ferrets had to 'Borrow' our lead. That didn't please April at all and she was showing off big time! So May had to have the dog lead on her harness, that didn't please her either!

It wasn't long before she was back in the bag as well!

They both got out of the bag but only for a quick wee and a poo before climbing up OTL's leg to get back into the warm!

Holly and I had our rain coats on but we were glad when we got back into the car!

The morning was spent snoozing on the bed and as lunchtime arrived it started to rain again!

It was going to be one of those days!

OTL had to drop some stuff off to his accountant so we decided to go for a walk first, then off to drop the stuff off.

Wilma was busting to get out of her cage so we ended up going a bit earlier than normal!

OTL had looked at the rain radar and reckoned that he had spotted a 'Dryish Window', just how wrong can you be?

We got wet!

The ferrets weren't happy and neither was Holly, I was a bit put out as well!

So, back home to a rub down with the towel and creep off into our sleeping cushions for a snooze before dinner.

Holly reckons it is Doggy Scoff again, she is such a cheerful puppy sometimes!

You know, OTL has been giving the ferrets some of our Teeth Cleaning Chews and you know what? Freddy Boy eats a whole Half a Chew all on his own!

We reckon he has been taking lessons from Nipper!

See you tomorrow when we are expecting better weather!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Oh I agree with you Daisy, it's been a horrible yuky day here as well. I got soaked just going in the garden first thing before we were dressed. I don't blame OTL for taking his weather picture from inside the car. Them page 3 girls sure are fussy and bossy. Did Freddy boy do his "I've got a broken leg" routine or was the ground too wet for him to lay on? I'm looking forward to my scoff, I get loads of veggies with it now which fills me up a bit and I like veggies, tonight, I've got, peas, carrots, green beans and sweet corn bits along with my scoff ......... yummie. Well done Freddy for eating the teeth cleaning chews, now Nipper has them a packet at a time, they don't half disappear quick, then he follows on with some iron railings, I'm not surprised he gets indigestion. He is beginning to quieten down a bit now. My mum has put a sign on the front door though to warn any callers, it says, PIT BULL FERRET LIVES HERE. Right I'm off now for my scoff, hope you've got something nice for your tea. Love, licks, wags, sniffs and nips from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. What a miserable Thursday you had, wet, wet wet, I thought that was a Group! Sounds like Fred is aspiring to be a woofer, sharpening up his pearly whites before going on a rampage. Pity about no pictures but OTL is being sensible and very sensible to get up early leaving you the bed, two sensible so in one day and not a sign of playing with his wallet. Hope Friday goes better, it is racing here but we have just had breakfast. xxxxxx