Monday, 1 February 2016

Another Windy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back again!

Well, not wot we would call a 'Sunny Day', no rain, but the clouds were dark and the wind nearly blew Old Two Legs hat off!

He has one of these Tilly Hats and it has a special band that does a good job of keeping it in place when the wind blows. OTL says it is a design used by the Canadian Mounties in their hats!

Mind you, OTL looks nothing like a Canadian Mountie, he hasn't even got any riding boots, just a pair of Farmers Black Wellies and they don't count!

Mind you, he does a good rendition of 'I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK'!

Today April came out with us this morning and had a little walk but got a little tired and got back into the Ferret Bag then she spent the next half an hour looking over the top at May, Holly and me!

Lunchtime we were out with Freddy and Wendy who not only had a run on the Sea Wall but enjoyed a good run on the beach and a roll in Mays favourite plant!

It's Fun being a Woofer!

Back home OTL has been doing some research on Aprils heart condition and while there is nothing we can do to 'cure' her, we can however help keep the fluid down in her abdomen by administering a Diuretic. OTL phoned the vets and they are to get in a syrup which will be easier to administer.

From what OTL has read, we should see an improvement in a couple of hours!

Not sure what we will see, a slimmed down April who can't get off the Poo Pot for wee'ing?

Well, anything to make her life easier and improve her quality of life.

OTL is all for that!

Holly and I reckon we could have a better quality of life if we got more Chicken Fillets and more of a share of OTL's dinner, but I suppose you can't have it all!

I tell you another thing, that camera OTL uses makes it easier for him to make video of the ferrets. Holly and I want more of us playing around but all he comes up with is................

April getting some Snoozing Time
 Of course, if you have April, then somewhere there will be May and although it is Aprils head, May is under the covers giving April a warming cuddle, as ferrets do!

A Sisterly Cuddle and a Snooze!
See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. It's very windy up here too. Think I'll put a big sail on the ark I'm building. What a wonderful video today. Those ferrets really love that plant and certainly know how to do the woofer roll.
    I'm pleased to hear that OTL has found a way to help Miss April with her fluid. I've got all my claws crossed that it's successful and she feels more comfortable. Hopefully your vet will get some soon.
    I agree that OTL needs to video you a bit more but it is fun to watch the ferrets. I enjoyed watching your walk with Miss May. She is turning out to be such a good woofer.
    I think your idea of extra chicken strips is good. It would make you feel very happy and so very healthy too (wink, wink). Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx

  2. Evening girls, honorary woofers, Miss Wendy and Freddy De Ferret. Oooh that wind has been strong at times today, every time I go in the garden there's lots more stuff in it, so it makes for some extra sniffings. Loved the video today, then furballs are all getting quite expert at woofer rolling. You better watch out or they'll be challenging you and Holly to a rolling contest. That Freddy does come the old soldier at times, wot a funny little chap he is. Glad to hear that OTL has found a possible solution to help Miss April, hopefully the vet is still looking to find more information to help. Paws crossed that this medicine helps Miss April to feel more comfortable and a bit better. Now I wonder if she will take the medicine or will she need something to help her take it, I like bananas with my medicine. I agree with you Daisy, more chicken and muggings should make for a happier day, mind, my mum is still determined to help me loose weight, nothing is shifting just yet though. Do you realise that I went for more than a whole week without visiting the vet, well except to get my bum squeezed on Saturday, that don't count though, my mum has her paws crossed to see if I can go 2 weeks without going to see my lady friends. Really good to see pictures of you all today. If I ask OTL really nicely, perhaps he'll do a video of my 2 favourite girls for me to watch. Hope you all have a lovely evening. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. I like the idea of OTLs hat with a Mountie style band to keep it on in all this windy weather we are having. I wonder if he has got any Mountie style trousers in his wardrobe. I think there would be plenty of room for a ferret in each leg in a pair of those. I hope the medicine will help Miss April to feel a bit better - it was good to see her enjoying the sea air and sniffs today. In fact it was good to see you all enjoying your walk today. Miss May really gave that plant a good going over. Pleased to see Wendy and Freddy getting on too. Freddy is funny with his roll over routine. Daisy although you feel you and Holly have a bit less film time than the ferrets, your appearances are memorable. The flying woofer routine will stay with me for quite a while. x

  4. Sorry to heat about April's heart condition. Hope the new treatment helps her.

    Keep videoing please . . . its v entertaining.

    Hugs to all xxx

  5. Sorry to heat about April's heart condition. Hope the new treatment helps her.

    Keep videoing please . . . its v entertaining.

    Hugs to all xxx

  6. Lovely to see the video of you all because even you and Holly made it into the final take. Fred is so much bigger than Wendy when you see them running, love their antics and I note that you and Holly were doing a bit of guarding and catching up at times. Wishing Miss April well and hoping that the Vets remedy will be a great help to her. Sounds a good hat even without the riding boots and with the stiff breeze OTL is wise to wear it. I am going to campaign for more chicken strips on your behalf as you need them for extra strength to get along with the wind but Holly doesn't need so many because she must keep streamed lined to glide through the force of the wind. xxxxxx