Tuesday, 2 February 2016

April gets her Meds!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, today has been busy. Old Two Legs has worrying about April, April has been sleeping for most of the day!

The vet telephoned to say he had the medicine in for April and OTL was off like a shot to pick it up.

We were just about to go out with Fred and Wendy but did a divert to collect the bottles!

When we got there, OTL had to take Wendy in 'cos she was in the Ferret Bag 'cos we still can't trust her in an enclosed space with Freddy!

Needless to say, all the staff there were going Ooooo! and Ahaaaaa! over her and all she wanted was a walk around the waiting room!

When we got back from our walk April got the first medicine which is the diuretic. At first she didn't want to slurp it up but with the addition of some Ferretone, she licked every drop up in the end.

There are some pills that have to be chopped up into quarters and given an hour before eating. That is going to be difficult 'cos ferrets  sort of 'Graze' all day long and trying to calculate when they are going to eat is almost impossible!

OTL reckons to try he pills first thing tomorrow after she has woken up.

Today OTL took nothing but video 'cos he says it is easier that taking single photos!

I have to say that the video are not what I call 'Dramatic' but we had fun!

So this is us Walking with Ferrets!

 See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. For solid meds I've found it works to crush the pill up and mix it inside Hills AD or whatever equivalent your vets supply on prescription. Most ferrets like the taste. A teaspoonful perhaps with a little water to thin it out normally is enough for one ferret meal. And the food is high in protein which is good when a ferret isn't eating much.

  2. Yo woofers, honorary woofers, Miss Wendy and Freddy De Ferret, lovely to see the video with a bit more of you and Holly in it. Looks like you were having lots of fun on the beach, digging, finding sniffs and rolling. I'm glad to hear that OTL managed to get the medicine for Miss April and hope that she takes it and gets some relief. Has your vet spoken to the ferret expert yet? Miss May looks like she was enjoying a run on the beach and so did Miss Wendy and Freddy. My mum says I waddle like Freddy at the moment, wot a cheek, I don't waddle. My mum says I graze all day as well. I see Holly had a mid walk snack on the grass, I reckon it's cos she isn't getting her treats. My mum has been home all today and we had a lovely siesta. I went up the local shop this morning to mug Brenda and I got a fair few strokes from the customers. I didn't meet up with any of my woofer mates today but I did hear from Brenda that my mate Rollo, who is a labra bozo pinched one of the cadburys cream eggs off the shelf and unwrapped it, her owner managed to get the egg off her before she could eat it, I see I have to instruct Rollo that when you pinch something, you don't spend time unwrapping it, you just need to swallow it whole, then your mum can't take it away. I went to have a look to demonstrate how you should do it but Brenda had moved the box up to the top shelf ......... shame, I was in the mood to demonstrate today. Hope you all have a lovely evening and paws crossed that Miss Aprils medicine helps her feel more like her old self. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. On goodie, Miss April's medicine is in. Sounds like the ferrotone is a good way to get her to take it. Hopefully she'll soon be feeling better and up to a longer walk on the beach. I really enjoyed watching your video today, your game of "Dig and Whizz" looked like great fun, especially because OTL couldn't decide which bit of beach to point the camera at...the dig patch or the whizz trail. There's a video of me playing the same game on a Scottish beach when I was 16 weeks old. I love it...dig-whizz, dig-whizz! Both Miss Wendy & Miss May really seem to be experts at walking with woofers. They sniff, wee, roll, dig and run. Fantastic!
    I'm ready for bed now so have to go. Thank you again for the brilliant video...just wish I could be there enjoying the sniffs with you. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx

  4. I think the best bit of the video was you digging, your are so fast, in fact OTL couldn't keep up with you all the time. Hope the medicine works for Miss April, working out how best to give it to her will be the test. Michael had antibiotics that had be taken more than 2 hours before or after having milk so cereals and cups of tea had to be regulated, at least he doesn't graze on tea. Loved hearing from Archie about that Creme Egg, Brenda sounds a meaney, she should have unwrapped a few and left them on the bottom shelf. I wonder if there is anything else tasty, she doesn't sell cooked sausages, no I don't suppose so. Keep your noses tuned, you never know. Just a thought, I was saying to Michael that you hadn't mentioned rabbits for a while, where are they? Take care and lovely to see you racing around. xxxxxx