Thursday, 11 February 2016

April is full of Bounce!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

We have been noticing that April has been getting more 'Bouncy' since she has been taking her medicine. She has been curled up with May when she is sleeping and has taken to sleeping close to the Poo Pot. Holly reckons that is because of the water tablet! You know what it's like when you gotta go and the nearer the pot the better!

Old Two Legs stopped eating his rabbit food and got the camera out!

Miss April is Bouncy!

OTL has made an appointment with the vet for this Saturday so she can get a check-up and also get some more medicines before he leaves for Orkney!

We have found him getting out his clothes he will take and he has been putting them to one side for packing!

Now, I want all you woofers to stand to attention and all together on the count of seven.

One, six, Nine!

Happy Birthday to yooooo
Big sniffs and a Pooooooo
Happy Birthday Izzies Muuuummm
Happy Birthday to Yooooooooooo!

There now, that sounded good didn't it?

Did you hear that the scientist have discovered Gravitational Waves?

They are ripples in the Space Time Continuum!

I reckon that it all sounds a bit like Star Trek to me!

Now, does that mean we will get Lambs Heart every day and Doggy Scoff will be banned?

That would be a Giant Leap for Woofer Kind!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. It certainly is good to see Miss April having fun now her medicine is doing its magic. OTL getting all organised with Vet appointment, clothes sorted, hair cut, orders written in triplicate, food supplies just in case those B&B's don't feed him. Everything to precision like an engineer person, have you found where to hind in the car so he takes you with him because I don't think he is going to manage on his own without the other twenty six legs helping him. Happy birthday Izzies Mum as well. xxxxxx

  2. Evening little seaside maties and happy birthday Miss Izzies mum. I love your songs Daisy, you always sing the best ones. Me and my mum loved the video, Miss April looks really good and is obviously enjoying her games now. Me and my boy play that game, he gets under a blanket and I hunt him, I usually end up sitting on top of the bump in the blanket so he can't escape. I had a visitor today, Barbara from next door came round and she bought her new pup Monty round to meet me properly. Mont needs educating in the ways of the woofer. I taught him how to do a wee in the garden, how to sit on my mums shoulder and how to fall asleep on her lap. His mum says he already knows how to pull a piece of carpet out so I can save myself a job of teaching him how to make holes in the carpets. His mum says he hasn't got the hang of weeing in their garden yet but I reckon that's cos he lives with a girl woofer, see me being a boy woofer is better to teach him, anyway, when I showed him he watched me very carefully and then he did one as well, we both got a treat. OTL is getting very organised, but that's a good thing, cos TL's are always saying, did I pack this and did I pack that and did I leave this on and did I turn that off, they're not like us .......... we don't care, as long as we've got our scoff and our bed what else do we need? I'm glad April is sleeping near the poo pot, that means she don't have far to go if she gets caught short, nothing worse than waking up and having to go trotting a long way and then trying to get back to sleep after you've been. I hope that disturbance in the space time continuum does mean that you'll get delicious dinners next week and not doggie scoff. Ask Q to keep an eye on Mrs TM and make sure she feels sufficiently sorry for you for missing OTL and gives you better scoff to make up. Nipper has been a bit naughty today, so mum had to lock him back in the garage, he thought that Monty was a chew toy and tried to shake him all over the place. Mum said it wasn't the way to treat a visitor but Mr Nipper said anything furry is fair game. My boy will get togged up later and go and release him. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch and Mr (let me out) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. Great film of Miss May and Miss April. If there had been a flying woofer from scene right and a flying woofer from scene left it would have been a contender for a bafta and oscar. Its lovely to see Miss April so bouncy. I hope your dreams come true about the Lambs heart and the banning of doggy scoff Daisy but I think it might be a giant leap of woofer imagination. Perhaps you could start a petition for the banning of doggy scoff and if you get more than 100,000 signatures they would have to discuss it in parliament. Then if all the Mps vote in your favour it would be against to law to give woofers doggy scoff. x

  4. Oh wow! Me and my mum say that this is nearly one of our favourite blogs ever. Mum says a huge thank you for her wonderful woofers birthday song. It's the best ever birthday she's ever heard. Unfortunately the Two Legs went to the pub for a steak meal and didn't take us or bring back a woofer bag. I wasn't very happy about that, so I'm now lying snuggled next to mum letting out silent but deadly odours.! The video is fantastic. Miss Apri looks so well and is having so much Bouncing around and playing hide and seek. I hope all the test results show improvement for her.
    As to that time continuem , mum says please can she go back in time and be a bit younger again. I said only if she got rid of all the doggy scoff.
    Thank you again for making my mum so happy. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xxxxxx