Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Is it an Orcadian Druid?

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and The Star, Freddy de Ferret!

It has been cold down here, a bit of sun shine but later came the clouds and at the moment we are all agreed that 'in doors' is the place to be!

Little April had a coughing fit this morning but The Missus sorted her out with a cuddle and a slurp, just like Old Two Legs does when he is here!

The only problem was, she had the coughs when Freddy was out of the cage and of course Miss April wanted to go and sort him out!

TM had a panic moment as she tried to scoop April back up before World War III started!

All was well in the end and every one is in their own beds snoozing their tails off!

We heard from OTL that he has been our among the stones again!

First of all there were the Standing Stones of Stenness, all very mysterious and dark!

Standing Stones of Stenness
 In the middle there was this strange looking stone, OTL thinks it could be either and alter stone or the dinner table!

Grub Up?
 Alone the road a bit was a bigger stone circle called The Ring of Brodgar which also looked very dark and mysterious!

Very mysterious this one!
 OTL took a number of pictures and then, just out of curiosity, he went to the very centre of the ring and found this!

What was even stranger, there appeared a strange looking Geezer that OTL says was the 'Barmy Druid of Brodgar but we reckon it was Uncle Alun!

It's the Barmy Druid!
Another place they stopped at was the Italian Chapel, built by Italian prisoner of war in WW II.

OTL reckons it was an amazing sight especially as it was made from scrap bits of wood and stuff 'Found' by the prisoners!

The Miracle of Camp 60
On the way back to the B&B he managed to stop off at the Distillery in Kirkwall, just to look at the buildings, or so he says!

No, we don't believe him either!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret who keeps cuddling Miss Wendy!


  1. Everyone snoozing down here... Love that picture of the Chapel !

  2. Evening all down there and them up there. Ohhh it has been a rotten day weather wise, don't blame you for deciding inside was better than outside. Well I think Mrs TM deserves a gold glitter star today for not letting world war III start. Sorry to hear that Miss April had a coughing fit, glad to hear that Mrs TM sorted her out. Wow, they've got a lots of stones up north, they'd be fantastic weeing stones, will OTL bring any back as souvenirs for the garden? We loved the picture of the Chapel, it looks really beautiful. It's amazing how they built it from scraps of wood, remember that in the summer when you find bits of wood on the beach, you can maybe built something with it. That picture with the rose between the stones looks very interesting. Is the barmy druid staying up there or will he be returning home when OTL comes back? I went for my check up this morning, I've put on more weight while I've been on my starvation diet so my mum and the vet had a think about veggies that I could eat, I can have cherry tomatoes, so my mum bought me a big packet, ooooh they are yummy, the vet said I could have potatoes but my mum said no cos she reckons they're fattening ...... boo. Anyway I've had a delicious dinner of my kibble, carrots and tomatoes, I think I'm about ready now for my supper. There were some very ill woofers this morning so we had to wait a long time, my mum said I was the best behaved woofer there cos I didn't try to bother the poor woofers and I sat nicely. I got lots of cuddles from the vet and the nurse for being good so it was well worth it. I'm glad to hear that all the furballs are in the right beds. Hope you and Holly are taking good care of Mrs TM and keeping her warm these cold nights. The weather man reckons we could have snow tonight so I'm all prepared for some serious snuggling with my mum. Take care down there and up there. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (good boy) Arch and Mr (bad boy) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. The chapel looks amazing, Eileen .... you sound as if you are coping just fine see you ARE a natural too .... multi talented ladies. We won't shout about it or OTL will have you on permanent poo-pot duty :) love Annie and Jasper who is snoozing at the top of the stairs xxx to all the furries

  4. Looks like OTL is having a very exciting time meeting new characters and TM is quickly learning how to handle the ferrets routines and health. I hope you and Holly are also having fun on your walks. It's been a bit wet here today but Hamish and I have had a lazy day while mum went to be pampered. She came home smelling of flowers and very relaxed so I got lots of snuggles. Must go now as it's tooth chew time. Take care, love, wags, woofs, sniffs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx

  5. Best picture has got to be the Ancient Druid followed closely by the beautiful chapel amazing how it was built from just reclaimed bits and bobs. OTL and Alun are having a really fantastic time seeing all these amazing places, you and Holly would not have liked all the waiting about far better off and warmer where you are. Glad you have been good for TM she has a lot to do and a lot of caring to administer, I hope OTL brings her back a really lovely present, not forgetting you two of course. Wrap up well tomorrow and hopefully the snow won't come, our Daisy keeps looking out of the window waiting for the snow but then thought that if it snows her daddy won't come on Friday. She loves being here but I think she loves her mummy and daddy more even although she has her dwarf hamsters here. Sparkle and Flower are quiet, they come out in the evening to go around on their satellite dish and big wheel and they sit in their food bowls to eat in the mornings! Take care of each other. xxxxxx