Tuesday, 22 March 2016

First Swim of The Year!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.

Wot a Super Day today!

It started off with The Missus taking us out for our morning run 'cos Old Two Legs had to clear out the ferrets and be out to visit a customer by nine forty five!

OTL had three cages to clear 'cos Wendy has a small cage all to herself until the vet says she can go back in with Freddy Boy.

She said she slept well and didn't hear Freddy snoring at all!

OTL inspected Wendy's operation and said it was the best one he had ever seen! It looked a little bruised but no more than expected!

Wendy had a visit from Freddy but OTL kept hold of him and the pair of them had a nuzzle and they both licked the back of each others neck!

All together now, Aaaaaah!

OTL managed to get back by midday so we invited Freddy to come along with us especially as the sun was shining and it was warm!

Down on the beach Holly said she wanted to catch a few 'Rays' and settled down on the warm sand.

Should I put on some Factor 35?
 I went off searching for more ferret sniffs that I may have missed yesterday.

Ferret or Weasel?
 Freddy was having a great time play Bulldozers in the warm sand and he was dead chuffed that the sand was not only warm but soft as well!

This is The Business!
 OTL found a super stick and threw it out into the sea. Off I went and I managed my first swim of 2016!

First swim of the season!
 OTL said that now he will have to keep a Doggy Towel in the car to dry me down if this is how I'm going to behave all summer!

You bet I am!

Freddy didn't fancy a swim and nor did Holly.

Freddy went back to digging trenches and using his nose as a shovel!

It's just so warm!
 On the way back Freddy managed to blag a ride and he even got a cuddle when we stopped at the bench on top of the hill.

OTL tried to take some pictures of Freddy and him having a cuddle but his arm kept on getting in the way and wot made it worse, he couldn't find the 'Delay' button so they could pose!

I think I look better without OTL!
OTL was trying some flash and then some other setting on the camera and in the end even Freddy was getting bored!

I'm falling asleep here, can we go back to the car?
Back home Miss Wendy was fast asleep but she was sleeping under the cushion bed instead of on top!

What ever turns you on!

TM has got the sniffles, so it is good that we aren't going away over Easter! Mind you, a run along a big sandy beach would be a great way of spending Easter!

Mind you, it's not too long before we are off on our Spring Holiday and a sure sign it is close is when OTL gets our 'Anti Tick' drops to put on our shoulders!

We get a prescription from the vet and buy the stuff 'On Line'. OTL asked the vet what it would cost if he purchased it from the vet and it turned out over double what he pays 'on line'!

Just for once OTL was saving money!

Right we're off to see what is for dinner!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy (Mr Cuddles) de Ferret.


  1. Yo maties down there by the sea. Hasn't it been nice today, it was even warm up here. Sorry to hear that Mrs TM isn't very well but I hear that Holly chops is looking after her. I reckon I know wots wrong with Mrs TL, she's caught some nasty bug from a doggie scoff tin, tell her she shouldn't get near anymore doggie scoff tins and then she won't get the nasty bugs. Good to hear that Miss Wendy is recovering well and glad that Freddy was able to pay her a visit. Do you think if Freddy paid Mrs TM a visit it would help cheer her up? Lovely pictures of you all down by the sea, I hope the water had warmed up a bit for your swim Daisy. I met up with lots of my TL friends on my walk this morning but didn't catch up with any of my woofer mates. Barbara next door came for a cup of coffee and brought her bozo pup Monty with her. Now I'm not sure if Monty and I are going to be friends, honestly, I was sitting on my mums lap and along comes Monty and gets between me and my mum and then he tried to push me off! Next he climbed into my boat and pulled out loads of my toys, then he went into my cage and dragged out one of my blankets, and THEN when it was time for him to go home, well, you'll never guess, he tried to sneak out with my tit-bit ball .......... wot a thief .......... now you don't try and half inch another woofers toys! That boy has got a lot to learn if he wants me to be his mate! Hope you all get decent muggings this evening and if OTL gets his tipple out, perhaps he'll make Mrs TM a nice hot toddy. Give her some snugs from me and tell her we all hope she feels much better tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely warm sand, that's the way to do it! Hasn't it been nice today and the water is getting better for you, sorry TM has the sniffles, now you have to do more of your nursy, nursy bit to care for her, on the bright side maybe she won't have the strength to open those nasty tins ans OTL will cook your dinner just as you like it. xx. Freddie looks good in the pictures, lovely to see him enjoying the warm soft sand and he should soon be back with Wendy after her visit to the vet. A happy man being able to save some money on ferret medication more pennies for chicken strips, I am spending the evening eating hot cross buns and chocolate and Michael is visiting Roland and Maureen while the house is "busy"! Probably OTL and TM remember them. Anyway off to butter some buns, the balloons are already hanging from the door knocker so let the party begin. xxxxxx. Extra x for TM.

  3. Hello everyone. Just a quickie because it's late. Mum just finished her work so I can finally get a turn on the 'puter. Glad Miss Wendy is doing well but not happy that TM has the sniffles. Hope she feels better soon. Love the sunny photos today. First swim sounds great. I love swimming in the sea but Hamish is a wimp and runs from the waves when they tickle his toes. Freddy looks very Happy but OTL needs a bit more practise with his Selfies. Best go now as it's now tomorrow. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx