Thursday, 3 March 2016

Look! The Sun!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret back again!

Today it was a change again, today we went for our morning walk along the Sea Wall with Old Two Legs!

The missus had appointments this morning which caused OTL to get up a bit earlier than normal!

We didn't mind that at all 'cos we met up with 'The Lads' again after a two week break!

Yo! Max, Oscar and Bailey!
 Then we got onto the beach and met up with Poppy and Bryn. Everyone asked where the ferrets were and how they were doing.

Poppy and Bryn playing 'Chase'!
We couldn't hang about 'cos TM wanted the car to go out, so it was back home as fast as possible!

Old Two Legs cleaned out the ferrets and then did our chicken breakfast, it was super, Holly and I finished the bowl but left a couple of scraps in the bottom, just in case we felt like a nibble later on!

Now, about this new motor home Auntie Sue is getting. She keeps on about the cocktail cabinet. I mean, I have always thought Auntie Sue was 'Pint of Bitter' Two Legs so what is this cocktail thing for? Don't tell me Michael is going all Tarty!

Miss Wendy is getting loads of cuddles from Freddy Boy, OTL keeps having a look at her bits and saying that 'It won't be long'! What we want to know is what will happen after the operation, will Freddy loose interest?

Will Wendy get any cuddles?

Lunchtime we were out again down on the beach with May and April all though April  did spend time inside the bag, May was out tearing around sniffing the sniffs with Holly and me!

If it is sunny tomorrow OTL says that he will take the Page 3 Girls out in the morning and then Freddy and Wendy at lunchtime, sort of 'Back to Normal' again!

OTL has been trying to video Freddy and Wendy when Fred is in 'Chat Up' mode but as soon as he pokes the camera at them, they run away!

Talking of videos, TM has informed OTL that she wants another video of her splashing the ink about and talking a load of waffle!

So I think that Sunday will be taken care of!

Just as long as we get our walks!

TM has just announced that dinner is ready, so we are off to see what we can mug!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening all me little maties down there in the south by the sea. I saw the sun as well. I bet it was good to catch up with all your woofer mates this morning, did you have a good chat about the sniffs? Shame you couldn't hang about a bit longer with them but at least you had some really good scoff to go home too. Did the page3 girls enjoy the fresh air down on the beach? Now I reckon Freddy the smooch is a bit shy when the camera is around so OTL will have to plan a covert operation, you know, just like James Bond. I'm sure he will still cuddle Miss Wendy when she's been done, I think he's in lurve. My mum says she's looking forward to Mrs TM's new video and hopes there is time for you and Holly to have a walk on part. I must say Sue's new motor home does sound the business with it's cocktail bar, inside and outside shower. Could you please tell OTL and Mrs TM that we are all waiting to see Doris the jumper. Now I didn't have such a good day as you, I met up with a new woofer on my walk this morning but I couldn't stay to get acquainted too long cos I had an appointment with a pretty lady vet and one of my favourite nurses, I got loads of cuddles and some carrot for being a good boy. When I got home there was no nice warm scoff with some lovely gravy for me ............ my mum put me in the BATH ........ now that spoilt my day! First time in quite a few days it hasn't rained and my mum decided to wet me!!!!!! Well I threw all her cushions off the sofas and chair, I pulled all the throws off ...... Mr Nipper laughed out loud, he's been quite for the last few days on account of my mum threatening him but he couldn't help himself today. He best watch out cos it isn't just my mum that's gunning for him now! My mums face is still going down, she only looks like a chipmunk now and she's also got a cold to add to her troubles. Hope you managed to get some good muggings this evening. Have a lovely evening and paws crossed that we get a bit more sun tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr(gulp)Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. You met so many friends today you will need a social secretary to keep your lives in order, must be all that sunshine bringing them all out. Tomorrow you say is back to normal, good luck on that, we are going to the seaside and have to take newspaper and sellotape to play with after fish and chips dinners, Michael will take some photos. We are all still waiting to see Doris! Freddy and Wendy are doing much better it is a pity that he is camera shy we must be patient. OTL has been busy again but still you had a nice warm dinner, hope you had some nice muggings. xxxxxx