Friday, 18 March 2016

Weekend is Here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and the wonderful Freddy de Ferret are back again!

We like Fridays 'cos Old Two Legs works hard to clear up all his outstanding work so he doesn't have to worry about anything over the weekend.

It doesn't always work but today he managed to get almost all of it done, well enough not to worry too much!

This mornings run on the beach was fun, just a little colder than yesterday 'cos there was no sun but the wind had dropped and we had a right game on the beach.

May was running into the waters edge and then running back and shouting 'You Can't Catch Me!'

Just wait for the Summer when the waves are bigger and she slows down a bit!

Can't catch me!
Miss April said she would rather stay in the bag than be on a cold beach. May went and gave her a cuddle and told her she would stay with April until OTL picked her up, which he did!

I'll stay with you Sis!
 That left May enough time to join Holly and me in sniffing a block of wood that had landed on the shore!

Holly reckons it came from the old dock yard 'cos it sniffed of old tar and rats!

Well I can sniff tar but not the Rats!
May then decided that she didn't want the block on our beach 'cos it made the place look untidy, so she jumped on top of it and gave it a good telling off!

I want you off this beach on the next tide, or else!
I don't know if it was listening but a ferret can be most forceful if it wants!

Lunchtime Freddy and Wendy were having fun digging holes in the sand. Wendy is rather good at shifting sand and makes a neat, well rounded hole that I would be pleased with. Of course, you have to make allowances for her size and the size of the hole but when you consider her size, it's a pretty good hole!

and a little pat there to keep the wall up!
Freddy gets carried away with his sand holes. They sort of turn into long trenches with wobbly bits in the middle and the depth varies as well! Still, he does enjoy himself, even if he does get excited when shifting sand!

I just love starting a new hole!
 The Missus is in a good mood, the F1 racing has started and she has been watching the practice sessions. I wouldn't mind betting that she will be up at one in the morning on Sunday to watch the race!

She will be the only one up 'cos the rest of us will be fast asleep!

We were glad to see that Izzy has been digging in the veggy patch, we don't have a veggy patch here but Holly knows how to make up for that!

We have a rat that has set up house under our shed and comes out in the morning to get the seed the birds drop from the seed feeders. OTL has got the rat trap out again and is trying to get Ratty to get inside the trap so he can transport him to the 'Wild Life Field'.

Now Ratty is a bit particular on where he puts his paws and so far, no matter what OTL baits the trap with, Ratty doesn't feel interested enough to venture in the cage.

Holly on the other paw thinks it is a good game to try to get out the latest morsel and spends ages digging in and around the trap, getting her paws all covered with mud and bird seed!

TM is not too happy with Holly 'cos she then walks into the lounge leaving a mud and seed trail behind her!

The latest morsel to bait the trap is a 'Fat Ball' that the Starlings just love, so we are seeing if Ratty also likes it enough to venture into the trap!

We are off to try some mugging.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Yo maties down there by the sea. It's been a very cold day here. I snuggled up with my mum when she came home from work and got a good cuddle. I've got a new football for being a good boy, me and my boy got told off for playing in the living room so I left him to it and went off to help my mum make a card until my boy grassed me up because I was looking for a tool in my mums bag and found something shiny to munch on, he's a tell tale tit that boy. I haven't done much digging lately, the ground in the garden is either too wet or too hard. I'm looking forward to when I come down to you again to have a dig in the sand on your beach, tell Freddy not to leave any trenches for me to fall in. Good to hear you've all had a good day down the beach and that OTL has finished most of his work so that he can play with you all weekend. My boy has the week off work so I'm looking forward to lots of games with him and Nipper. Hope you got decent scoff today. Miss May is kind to look after Miss April so well. Poor Freddy, he will need lots of snuggles when Wendy goes in for her op, I'm sure OTL will give him lots of snugs though. Hope Miss Wendy doesn't mind going for her op, she'll be missing Freddy the smooch lots. Hope Mrs TM enjoys her racing at the weekend. Have a lovely evening and hope the weather stays nice for the weekend. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi there Daisy & Co. What a lovely beachy day you've had and how great that OTL has got all his work done. I expect mum will be busy marking over the weekend but I've worked out that if I keep sitting on top of the books she has to stop to give me a cuddle. I expect we'll go for a long walk down the lane to see the lambs again. Mum always tries to get a photo but the sheep chase the lambs away so she can't get a good shot. Love the ferret's trenching and sand holes. Might give that a go in the veggie patch. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx

  3. Your beach babe is getting very brave perhaps Holly should get practising for the summer then she can join in the fun and games. Precision holes they could be useful to OTL when planting in the garden, Freddie's trenches better for potatoes though. What is Holly like, not wiping her muddy feet, tut tut it will mean TM getting out that turbo charged broomstick again, don't blame her either! F1 racing that will put a smile on her face tell her to be quiet if she gets up at 1am to watch, scream and shout into a paper bag to deaden the noise. Happy Saturday with OTL having more time to devote to his little family. xxxxxx