Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ferret Fun!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, today has been a day for the ferrets. You see it started this morning before our walk. Little April managed to escape from the office with a piece of chicken in her mouth. Now normally she hides it in the bottom drawer of Old Two Legs filing cabinet but today she just flew into The Missus's store room and disappeared into the boxes on the shelves!

After a while she came back with a silly grin on her face and OTL said he was going to do some 'checking' when we got back!

Down on the beach we were having fun trying to stand still so OTL could get the camera focused, without the use of his glasses, that he doesn't have at the moment!

Hurry up and take the woofing picture, I can't stay still much longer!
Holly did the best one, she sat down on her butt, sighed and asked us to tell her when it's over!

Tell me when it's over!
 Little May had a hard job standing still but managed to stay still just long enough for the camera to go 'Click'!

Quick, quick, I can't stay like this a moment longer, I'm a Ferret you know!
April dived into the Sea Kale looking for the shrew that May had hid there the other day but some one had gone in and pinched it!

Oi! It's gone!
Holly reckons that it wasn't Archie Babe who had it 'cos he has to wear a 'Muzzle' when he goes out, just to stop him eating any tasty stuff he may find. Well, I think that when he goes out with it on he will look dead hard!

No woofer with a muzzle on gets called anything but Sir!

Back home, OTL cleaned the ferret cages out and then started to look in the 'Hidden Places' the ferrets hide their stolen nibbles.

Behind the cupboard in the lounge OTL emptied about a pound of Doggy Biscuits into the dustbin!

Wendy and Miss April were upset about that 'cos they had been stashing stuff there for ages!

Next OTL had a look in TM's card store room and found that a box of Christmas Crackers had been emptied onto the floor and another load of Doggy Biscuits stashed into the box!

TM said that OTL had to look on the Internetty Thing to see if he could find Muzzles for Ferrets!

Can you imagine it? Archie Babe, down here for a visit, walking along the Sea Wall with a ferret either side of him and all of them wearing muzzles?

Talk about 'The Hard Bunch'!

 Lunchtime Freddy had some fun with OTL, he said that he had found a 'Super Sniff' to roll in and OTL didn't see him until the last moment!

Oooooooo! This is Great!
We saw some Swallows fly over about three weeks ago and today there were a load more heading up north. But on top of that, we heard a cuckoo calling this morning!

A sure sign that Spring is here!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Evening little mates down south. I'm not keen on this muzzle business, even if I do get called sir, I can't pick up any tasty stuff at all. Now you know I like my snackettes when I'm out walking, I have to wait until my next feed time now. How am I going to sort out any naughty woofers that both my favourite girls when I come down to visit? I've had lots of lovely snoozes snuggled up to my mum to make up for all the snuggles we missed. My mum is dealing with my fan club, all the telephone calls and the people knocking on the door, not to mention the faceache friends. Looks like those little ferrets have had a lot of fun today. Did OTL manage to find the bit of chicken? That's a fair bit of stash they manage to pinch. Lovely pictures of you all, OTL isn't doing too bad considering he has no glasses. Did Freddy have to have a bath after his sniffy roll? The sun has been out all day but it is still quite chilly so I've had to wear one of my fleeces to go out on account of having a very bald tummy, 2 bald knees and bald patches either side of my neck, I'll be glad when it gets warmer or it grows back. Did OTL manage to find any muzzles for the ferrets, we will look "ard" down on your beach. Hope Mrs TM had a good day crafting and doesn't find a piece of glittered chicken in her store room. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and long distance sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. oops, should be how am I going to sort out any naughty woofers that bother my favourite girls, paws are still a bit shaky Luv Arch x

  3. You can shake your paws as much as you like,just as long as you're back home and looking all butch and tough in your muzzle!

  4. Did OTL find that bit of chicken in TM's store room or will it decorate a card at some time once it has gone all green and furry with white bits hanging off it?? Those little furries manage to carry alot of your food away, there they are OTL and TM sorting our your rations not knowing that over half of it is stolen and hidden away, they think you have had enough food and you end up starving. Good job you don't have to wear muzzles or not even the chance of a little nibble when you are out. Seeing little Archie and two ferrets walking along the beach all muzzled up sounds very frightening but would be no guard for you and Holly, they could not defend you wearing muzzles. Did Freddy need a bath after his smelly find or did he manage to get away with it? xxxxxx