Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Freddy tries sun bathing!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.

At the moment we have not had any information on how Archie Babe is doing. We know he has been given a pink bandage to hold the cannula from falling out, I mean, PINK?

It's a good job his mates can't see him!

Auntie Sue has got a red eye, if she had two red eyes she would look like a white ferret!

Down here in North Kent we have had some sunshine to warm everything up. So, first thing this morning we were down on the beach playing games. Holly and I had fun doing a 'Dig and Whizz'

Dig and Whizz!
Out to see we noticed that a ship was coming into the River Medway to off load but as Holly pointed out, it was getting close to the shore!

Then she did some calculations and reckoned that it could run out of water if it didn't move off to the Port Side.

That Holly Dog certainly knows her stuff, the ship changed direction slightly and headed up river!

It could run out of water soon!
Back home Old Two Legs had to take the big car into town to get an MOT test done, so we got left at home looking out the bedroom window and waiting for them to come back!

Lunchtime was fun as well 'cos OTL took us down the beach again and Freddy decided to 'Do a Holly' and catch some rays!

Wendy told him that is he stayed on the beach like that he would appear on shipping maps as a 'Hazzard'!

Come on you lump, Move!
Well, Freddy decided that as the sun was warm and the sand was even warmer he would stretch out and have a little snooze while Wendy was playing Bulldozers with Holly and me!

This is the life!
Wendy is quite good at digging trenches in the sand but she has to keep stopping to shake the sand off her nose!

Sand up your nose makes you sneeze!
As the tide was in, I went to play in the water. OTL told me I couldn't go in swimming.

As if I listened to him!

Come on Holly, have a splash like me!
 Well we both had a paddle but in the end I just couldn't hold back any longer. I pretended there was a stick out on the waves that needed rescuing and in I went!

Holly started to woof and she even got her paws wet, just her paws!

But OTL said no!
Mind you, Freddy and Wendy decided that they would stay out of the water 'cos it looked muddy.

Just wait until the summer arrives, I reckon the pair of them will be in and splashing about!

We got the big car back from it's MOT, so now we are all ready for our holiday up in Scotland, all we have left is for the caravan to get serviced!

OK, we are off to see what we can mug off OTL 'cos we got served up Doggy Scoff!


See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.   


  1. Evening all, little Arch's mum here, I've got some good news, little Arch is home. Now he wasn't happy with the pink bandage yesterday so he chewed thru it yesterday afternoon and also thru the drip line, silly boy, that meant he had to have another one put in on his other leg so now he has 2 matching bald spots on his front legs, not sure what colour bandage they put on because he's not saying. I think he's feeling a fair bit better but quite tired and a little cross at being left. He's a right smelly nelly at the moment but I don't want to upset him anymore so I'm letting him keep his sniff for the time being. He's curled up in his bed, he's had a very small amount of scoff BUT NO CARROTS. He had some blood tests done a couple of weeks ago to check his allergies and would you believe, he's allergic to carrots and bananas so he'll be having apple and peanut butter instead now, oh and he can have oysters or most types of seafood but not fish or chicken, he can have venison so if you catch any deer on your hols, don't forget to save a munch for little Arch. I bet you are all getting excited about your holibobs, it's not long now. Don't forget to tell all the ferrets about nargles. Glad you all had fun on the beach, that Freddy is a case, laying there sunbathing, anyone would think he's on his hols already. Wow well done Holly for getting your paws wet, you'll soon be swimming along with Daisy. Sorry to hear about the doggie scoff you got today and I hope OTL has something decent that you can mug from him. Hope Sue's eye is feeling better, not sure she wants 2 red eyes so that she could look like a ferret though. Loved all the pictures today, tell Holly she's very clever about nautical stuff. Love and sniffs to you all, little Arch's mum, little Arch and Mr. (ewww wots that sniff) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Welcome home Little Arch! Pleased to hear you're on the mend. Bet you were pleased to hear about the carrots. There's a venison farm near here so Daisy could pick some up for you on her way back from Scotland. They do some very tasty venison sausages.
    You've all had lots of fun on the beach today. Holly was very brave getting her Paws wet. I look forward to hearing how you all pack the caravan for your holibobs. How much room will TM let you have this time? I expect Freddy will gather a fan club while he's away,especially if he keeps sunbathing on the beach.
    Have to go now. Have lots of fun tomorrow. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx

  3. Hello it's the one eyed monster here, I don't think I want to look like a ferret, still not able to read much on the screen without the eye hurting but I scanned through what you said. Glad Archie is home, no chicken or carrots (that means he can't have any of yours when he visits which might prove awkward) but venison and oysters I think he is pulling your tail and I think it must have been another pink bandage! Pleased you have had such fun today out and about on the beach, you have all been catching those rays. We were going out but Michael noticed the front of our van all covered in bird poo, he it washed it off and then it came back. That was when he spotted a bird with twigs in its beak going under the house eaves, in and out it went. He called Trevor and they with the help of our next door neighbour put a big plug in the gap and the poor little bird spent the next couple of hours trying to work out where the nest hole had gone. Michael wouldn't plug it with eggs in but this way it will poo over someone else's van! That's my reading and typing done for the night, time for more eye drops, take care of each other and Archie you be good, no more chasing cats and please, please, please, don't try chasing deer, I hear that they can run very fast. Question for Archie, Daisy you can ask him "Can he eat snails, they are slower" xxxxxx

  4. Sue, escargot are not on his list, he can eat salmon though ;) x